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My Daytime Make-up Products

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A common question I get asked is about make-up and products I use.
I think us women are all the same (well I know I am!) I’m always asking the girls I work with “what colour is that gloss” , “which highlighter is that” and so on…
Especially when I’m getting my make up done professionally for work I take notes on what I like.
I love trying new products and I love to share what I think is really good!

This is a complete list of make up I would use on an everyday basis for a ‘daytime look’.
Well at the moment I don’t use all of these everyday as I just don’t have time to apply them, also I wouldn’t be bothered wearing much make up when I’m not working anyway..
Just the essentials! (Which I’ll list)

As I said, I love make up and have lots of favourites, but this is what I’m using at the moment. It doesn’t change too much from this, apart from glosses & lipsticks.

1.Vanity Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 (colour ‘light’)
This would be my everyday essential! On days where I don’t feel like wearing much I would just put this on on it’s own. I love that it has a high SPF in it too. Tinted Moisturizer really is great for people that want a bit of something quick! (Vanity products are available online or can be purchased in store , Maynooth, Co.Kildare)

2.Armani Sheer Fluid.
Woman ask “how do you get the glow on your skin”.. This product is how! It’s a pinky white fluid that has tiny sparkly bits in it. Sometimes I wear it alone , and always under my foundation. It really gives a beautiful glow to your skin.

3.Benefit ‘The Porefessional’
This is a balm to minimize pores, it’s really good, can be worn alone or under foundation.
It’s oil free, lightweight and leaves the skin very silky to touch.
This is a great product for men too as it is translucent. I hear Dermot O’Leary is a big fan of this and always wears it for presenting the X Factor!

4.Benefit Hello Flawless ‘Oxegen Wow’ foundation. (Colour ‘honey’)
This is a new’ish foundation to me and I love it. It goes on very smoothly, no streaks or lines. It’s very light but gives just the right amount of coverage. Good with most skin types.

5.Benefit Hello Flawless ‘Powder Cover-Up (colour ‘honey’)
Can be wore alone. I use a big brush and apply lightly over my foundation.

6.Kohl concealer.
The best concealer I’ve ever used. There are 3 different shades.
The yellow based one is great for under eyes. The other two I mix together on any spots or blemishes.

7.Vanity eye pallet
This pallet is a great starter pallet to get if you’re not big into eye shadows but want some nice basic everyday colours.

8.Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara.
The best best mascara ever! I’ve converted all of my friends and family to this. It really looks like I’m wearing false lashes when I have this on. This one is my essential too!!

9.Benefit ‘brow pencil’ (colour ‘light’)
My last everyday essential! This brow pencil is like a crayon. It’s waxy texture keeps brows in shape and manicured looking. I like this colour too (for my hair colour anyway) as it’s not too dark.

10.Vanity ‘illuminators’ (colour golden glow)
This is one I’ve mentioned before. I use this on my brow bone, cheeks, cuspids bow. Anywhere you want highlighted.

11.Mac bronzer (colour ‘medium deep’)
One I’ve been using for years. It’s a great colour, not at all you’ve been tangoed!!

12. Benefit ‘Rockateur’
Check powder- for a hint of pinky blush!

13.Benefit ‘Hydra smooth lip color’
This is a lip colour and balm in one. Enriched with Shea, mango butter and vitamin E. Leaving lips looks supple and hydrated.

14. Mac ‘cremesheen’ (colour Japanese Maple)
A great everyday lipstick

15. Gosh Lip Shine (colour soft coral)
I’ve been using this everyday for a year, it’s practically empty now.
It goes well over most pinky lipsticks or lovely worn alone also.

So that’s everything, from start to finish.
I hope I’ve given a little bit of inspiration to try out some new things.
It can be a mind field when out looking so I hope I’ve helped a little.

Love Pippa x

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