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My 1st Pregnancy Update

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first of my pregnancy posts!

Yesterday we shared our happy news and I’m still going through everyone’s beautiful messages. People really are so kind to take the time to wish us well. I really appreciate all the love.

It’s such a relief to share it with everyone. The first 3 months feels so long when you’re trying to hide it. You feel so different and you think everyone knows straight away when obviously they don’t, you’re just conscious of it. When I got pregnant with Ollie I don’t think I started to show until maybe 4 months. On your second though it’s so different. Your body literally snaps back into pregnancy mode and your bump shows so much earlier. Also I just knew I was pregnant pretty much straight away. With Ollie I hadn’t a clue but this time my instinct told me right away that I was. Its so strange how you can just have a feeling.


I haven’t suffered from any morning sickness thankfully (bar one dodgy day) but I did feel exhausted from about week 6 to 10. I remember being the same with Ollie. It’s like a hungover foggy feeling constantly. So needless to say I’m so glad that’s passed and I’m feeling energised again.

I’ve decided to do a little weekly update, well at least I think I’ll keep it weekly. Maybe I’ll stick to every Monday for example? That’s if people are interested of course. I know not everyone is pregnant, or you have your kids and you don’t want to think about that again!! What do you think?


Ollie will be 3 next April and I’m due in May so there’ll be 3 years between them. We started to tell him there’s a baby in my tummy the last few days. I’m not sure he gets it yet though. There’s plenty of time for us to get him used to the idea. I think he’ll be great though. He loves babies, he’s always so kind and careful around them so I can not wait to see him as a big brother.

People can dread dressing a bump because let’s be honest the choice isn’t great. I enjoyed it the last time though and I’m even more excited for this time because I have to share all my maternity wear posts with. I’ll be sharing my tips on what maternity pieces you should be buying and where to find them. I’m not wearing any yet but I’ve already bought some nice things online that I’m looking forward to getting into. It can be tricky dressing a bump so I hope I can give some inspiration and help some of you along the way.

Lots of people have asked me do I want a boy or girl. The truth is I really don’t mind as long as baby is healthy I couldn’t care less. I just feel so lucky to be having another child. God I’m sounding too emotional now – on that note I’ll say goodbye 😉

Lots of love

Pippa (& bump!) xx

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