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Maternity Fashion – What I wore!

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Recently I’ve had lots of expectant Mums asking about Maternity fashion.. Wondering what I wore when I was pregnant and looking for some inspiration.

It can be a little tricky. You want to look like ‘you’ , keep your normal sense of style and still feel and look well. Not always easy some days!
For me, I tried to dress like I always would , well to a certain extent. Don’t worry I don’t mean I was going around in bandage dresses!! For instance, you all know I love skinny jeans, they probably sound very uncomfortable to wear when you’re pregnant but if you buy proper maternity skinny jeans, that isn’t the case at all.
Here are my top tips on how to dress when you’re pregnant …
1. Buy maternity clothes! If you just buy normal clothes in a size bigger they just don’t look right, you need things to compliment your bump.
I don’t mean a whole new wardrobe but the essentials.
2. These were my essentials!
-light denim skinny jeans
-dark denim skinny jeans
-black dressy leggings (you will wear these for every night out trust me!)
-black dressy top
-white & grey tshirt
-daytime dress
-floral dress
-dressy black dress (special occasions)
3. Invest in good maternity bras
4. Get good flat shoes
5. You’re pregnant! Be proud of your bump and show it off (I don’t mean show flesh!!) If you try to cover it up with baggy clothes you’ll look bigger than you actually are.
6. Be happy & confident in your clothes.. The most amazing thing is happening to you!! 😉

Below are some of my maternity looks. I won’t go into detail on where they’re all from as they are a year and half old now. I’ll list my top shops for maternity clothes though.
Hope you like them and get some inspiration.
Bye for now,
Much love x
I lived in these skinny Mamalicious jeans from Mothercare. They were the definitely the comfiest ones I wore pregnant, they were very soft and stretchy. They’re very inexpensive too. The loose pink & floral top was great too as it was a breast feeding top also so I got great wear out of it.
The floral dress from here I loved too, it was so pretty. I remember feeling great in it.
My maternity bras were from here too.
These black rippled effect leggings were from Asos. They were the best buy, I wore them for so many nights out and just changed tops for different occasions.
I got lots of lovely maternity clothes here. Mainly good casuals.
I loved this cream blouse with the bow tied on the neck.
The grey midi dress was super easy to wear, I’d wear tights & flats boots with it.
The bump tshirt was lovely too.
Use your nice statement necklaces to dress tees up!
I was so happy to find this shop. I did find it hard to find reasonably priced and young dresses.
This wrap floral dress was one of my favourites, I wore it to my baby shower. It was so colourful and cute.
I got it in red too- I wore them to so many events.
The navy was gorgeous too!
They have an excellent collection of all sorts, defo worth a look.
Good for basics like t-shirts

Jumper not maternity but some things like this can still work well.
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