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Make Up Look by Derrick Carberry

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Today I was back at the RDS at the beauty show with Blank Canvas.
Derrick Carberry did the make up demo on me.

I love Derrick, he’s an amazing make up artist. His style is beautiful, he’s a real perfectionist! He did my make up on my wedding day too.

Anyway I thought you’d like to read the products he used.

I loved his eye colour choices in particular. I love the Mac shadow ‘Wood Winked’ on the eye lid, there’s a fab sheen in it.

I took a photo of all the Blank Canvas brushes he used too- that he reckoned were your “essentials”

(My discount code is still available if you want to buy any brushes – it’s PIPPA & you get 10% off any purchase over €15!)

Hope you like Derricks look..
Have a nice evening-

Oh and I’ll be posting my new comp soon!!

Much love


As a primer Derrick used Clarins face oil. Apart from smelling amazing it gave a beautiful sheen to the skin. I’d never think of using an oil but I’ll try it out from now on!

Inglot foundation amc lw500.
Mac Concealer pot nc30
Mac translucent loose powder mixed with Mac nc30 studio fix

Mac Highlighter soft & gentle (cheek bones)


Mac Curdery
Mac Kid
Mac Mylar
Mac Wood winked (on lid)
Mac Lashes no 48 mac
Mac Mascara zoom black
Inglot 77 black cream liner
Mac Smolder (water line)


Mac Contour harmony
Mac Pink swoon Blusher


Mac Peaches (lipstick)
Mac Fashion whim (gloss)

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20140310-074445 p.m..jpg

20140310-073812 p.m..jpg

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