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Make Up Like a Pro with Blank Canvas Cosmetics

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You may remember me talking about a new foundation brush I had discovered back in September?

It was the F20 flat brush from Blank Canvas. I was so impressed by the brush and the cost that I converted all my family and friends.. Every one of them has thanked me for the great tip.
So naturally I wanted to try the rest of the range out. So I ordered the 15 piece brush set. I’ve been using them for a few months now and honestly , they’ve changed my life! (Sounds a tad dramatic I know!!) but my make up looks like it’s been professionally applied every time.
I’ve actually stopped using my other (more expensive ones!!) the hairs don’t come out of these brushes like some of my other ones. So many times I’d have friends pick brush bristles off my face (morto!)
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The F20 flat buffer brush still remains my favourite , it’s like a magic wand! It cuts the application time in half, you use so much less foundation , not a single hair comes off the brush and it leaves the most even, flawless finish.
(It costs only €13.99! …I know!!)
photo 2-3
The 15 piece set has every brush you’ll ever need (although I’ve since added a few new ones just because!)
Here’s a few of my fave’s…
The F23 Is a pointed tip face brush, I love this for applying liquid around the eyes or nose.
It can be used for contouring also.
photo 3
After my foundation is applied I use the F16 , large contour/ powder brush to apply my powder. The shape of this is perfect for a quick and even application.
photo 3-1
For most of my contouring I use the F21 Angled contour brush.
This is perfect for faking fabulous cheek bones, the bristles are so soft, you won’t be left with any nasty lines.
It’s Multi purpose though so can be used for applying liquid/cream blush too.
photo 1-3
I love my highlighter so for that I use the F15, again it’s pointed brush. It’s small and soft, perfect for applying your product with precision.
photo 1-4
Eyebrows are my everything- I love them well sculpted.
Blank Canvas have a perfect little brush for helping to enhance your brows.
The E30 double ended brow brush is a super combo.
(I use Laura Mercier brow gel with this brush)
photo 1-2
All of the above brushes can be bought separately or part of the 15 piece set. The set costs €109.99
Or €124.99 with a cup holder or folio. (The folio is good to get in my opinion as it keeps your brushes tidy and clean from dust)
Just this week I’ve started using their  contour/highlighting pallet. It’s actually sold out at the moment and I’m not surprised , it’s only €10.99! It’ll be in stock at the end of February though.
photo 2-2
It’s contains 6 different colours, ranging from your white matte highlighter to a warm brown contour shade. These 6 colours are all I’ve been using this week for work, the white highlighter is perfect for your brow bone. The 2 lighter shades up from that I’m using as a face powder. The 2 deepest browns I use to define my cheek bones and the peachy colour on the apples of my cheeks.

Overall, I’m well impressed by the whole range. If you’re thinking about investing in new brushes I guarantee you’ll love them too.

I asked the girls at Blank Canvas could they give my readers a little discount (it’s nice to be nice!)

They kindly obliged. 😉

So if you do fancy anything just use the discount code ‘PIPPA’ to receive 10% off any purchase over €15!

Happy face painting!
Much love,
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