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Make Up Application in 7 Minutes!

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Today like most days I was under pressure for time!

No matter how much time I give myself I always seem to be rushing to get out the door.

Gone are the days when I could do my make up at my leisure.. It’s just not possible when you have a baby with you. Wherever I am in the mornings Ollie wants to be with me.. So when I try and do my make up he’s usually crawling up onto my lap and pulling everything out of my make up bag.

So! I’ve learned to be super quick at doing the bare minimum and ensuring I’m still feeling good and presentable for my day ahead.

This literally took me a total of 7 minutes to do – which I reckon is pretty good going!


Firstly, the key to quick and even coverage is down to your brushes.

If you have useless brushes forget about it – whether you spend time applying it or not it’s important to invest in a few good essential brushes.

1. After I moisturised my skin

I applied BUFF HD foundation in C25 (I use C35 if I’m tanned)

(If I’m going out at night I would always prep my skin with more product but that’s for a different post altogether – this is just the minimum!!)

To apply the foundation I use my Blank Canvas buffer brush (F20) – I’ve spoken about this brush loads but if you don’t know about it you HAVE to get it. It’s the most amazing brush I’ve ever used for achieving a flawless finish. It’s so simple and quick to use , helping you to get your make up on that bit quicker too.


2. I use my Blank Canvas contouring pallet to do so much. I use the light shades to highlight my skin. The warmer shades as an all over powder to set my foundation and the darker shades to contour my cheek bones. I love it because lots of what I need is in this one pallet. It’s so convenient.


I only used 2 brushes when doing this part ..

Blank Canvas F16 for the powdering.

And the F21 for the contouring (excellent brush as it’s angled so it’s perfect for this)

3. I used no eye shadow, I used Maybelline ‘Big Eyes’ liner. (It’s new and will be launched in a couple of weeks)

Again I love the convenience of this one as It’s a dual liner. It’s chunky and easy to use. I used the white end of the pencil on my water line.. I liked it for something different , it definitely made my eyes appear fresher and bigger. I used the black end on my upper lid, only a tiny amount mind you (the clock was ticking) I smudged it out a little with a Blank Canvas brush E37. I quickly rubbed the brush under my eye too and used any product left over to give a little definition.


I used Maybelline ‘the Rocket’ mascara on my bottom lashes only.

I recently got lash extensions in The Lash Lounge , Dundrum. Great help for saving time when getting ready too!!

4. For my brows I brushed through them using my Laura Mercier brow gel. I use ‘soft’- it’s very light and I absolutely love it.

To apply I used Blank Canvas Brow brush E30


5. I used a quick sweep of my favourite new highlighter ‘Mary Lou MANIZER ‘ by The Balm. (I posted about this during the week if you’d like to look back)

I used Blank Canvas F15 to sweep onto my cheek bones, into the corner of my eyes and onto my brow bone.


6. I finished off with my every day go to lippy, ‘Apricot Sunray’ by Butter London.

I used a BUFF gloss over it in shade 151.


And that’s that!

So simple to do and it’ll only take you 7 minuets ( I timed it!!;-) )

I hope this is helpful to you when you’re stuck for time too!!

Much love



Buff Makeup: 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics:

‘Mary Lou MANIZER’ Highlighter by The Balm available @ 

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