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Life as Mum & Model!

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A lot of emails and questions that get sent to me are asking “what’s your daily routine”.. “How do you manage to work and take care of Ollie”.. “What’s your typical day like”

So! I thought I’d give a little insight. Not that I think it’s very exciting! but anyhow I’ll still fill you in for those that care to know.

First of all absolutely no day or week is the same for me. This can be good and bad. Before I had Ollie I loved it as it was all refreshing and I enjoyed being here there and everywhere on different days.

However, now that I’m a Mum I’ve had to make adjustments and I’ve had to get a good routine into place.

I think babies like a routine and it’s easier on everyone. I’m pretty relaxed though so it’s taken a while to get this in motion. I hated reading baby books about what routine to follow. I found most of them so strict. They just weren’t for me.

Its taken 6 months but we’ve a good system in place now.
In the past 4 weeks Ollie has stopped waking up in the night, and if he does he’s now able to settle himself back to sleep.
He still gets a dream feed at 11pm- I haven’t tried to cut this out yet. He will now sleep until 7 or 8am.
This has made such a huge difference to everything. We’re all happier for one thing! Sleep deprivation is a killer.

When it comes to work it’s different days every week. My agent Andrea Roche is excellent , she knows what kind of jobs I want to do and now that I’ve Ollie she try’s to give me as much notice as possible so I can organise him when I’ve to work.

My work is usually in the mornings (unless it’s a night time fashion show)
A few times I’ve brought Ollie with me and I’ll ask a family member or friend to come and meet me and take Ollie for a walk or to the park while I do the job.
I hope to continue keeping Ollie with me anytime I can. Between Brian and I we make it work so I hope we can continue to manage without needing to use a crèche.

This week we’ve both been busy, we’re like a tag team some days.

For example on Thursday I had a 9.30am call time in Dublin.
I got up at 7am and left my house at 8.30am.
Brian brought Ollie to his water babies class. I really didn’t want Ollie to miss it, I usually do this with him so thankfully Brian was free to do it.

I finished my job at 11.30am.
I then had a meeting at 12pm with a charity.
I had to be home by 2pm so Brian could leave for a meeting.
So I got home, out of the high heels, into comfy clothes and fed Ollie his lunch.
He has a nap around 3pm so in those 50mins ill do a clothes wash/ clean up.
From 4 to 7pm Ollie and I will play, read books, have a snack, have a bath and then bed for him.
I spent most of Thursday night making food for him for the freezer.
I cooked him chicken for the first time which he loved. I made it with chicken stock, apples , onions and sweet potato. (Annabel Karmel book)

I then did my tan and nails as I had work on Friday morning.

This morning I got up at 6.30am
I had to be in TV3 at 8am. I was doing the fashion slot on Ireland Am with Rosanna and Roz. I love working with the girls, we have good fun and it’s great to catch up on all the goings on.
We try on our clothes and make sure everything fits. Then we finish getting ready.
We usually have breakfast and about 5 cups of tea before we are on air!

I was home by 10.30am. Brian had to leave at 11am so I then took over.
I then worked on my blog. Sent emails and made phone calls in between playing with Ollie.
I fed him his bottle. Then I got him dressed and we went to meet my sister and Dad for lunch.

People wonder how I juggle but as you can see I’m lucky that I usually only work for a couple of hours at a time (unless I’ve a full days shoot or I’m driving down the country for a job) so that’s why it’s doable to have Ollie with me sometimes or ill share the day with Brian.

Some days Brian will meet me in town with Ollie , when I’m finished a job- we’ll swap and he’ll go to RTE or whatever he’s doing.

Our weeks are always hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love Pippa x

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