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June Favourites

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I was thinking the other day what I’d like to blog about this weekend, then I looked at the date and couldn’t believe there was only a few days left in June! Scary!

I thought I’d loads of time left in the month to round up my June Favourites… Apparently not!

So here they are, products I’ve been loving this month.


1.Gucci ‘Premiere’ Eau de Parfum

I usually stick to my couple of favourites when it comes to perfume. They are Coco Chanel and Victor & Rolf ‘flower bomb’ .. The odd time I go wild and use other ones I have. But!! This month I’ve used a new one that my hubby bought me at the end of May.
It’s Gucci Premiere, I’d never heard of this one until I got it as a present. I love the beautiful gold colour bottle.
It’s a very fresh and flowery scent. I especially like it for during the day.

photo 1per

2.Perfume Atomiser.

Brian actually picked this up when he bought the perfume. I often see these but never got one. I thought it would be too difficult and too much like hard work to get the perfume out of your big bottle and into this. That’s pure laziness for you!!

It’s actually so easy and takes 2 minuets to do. You simply take the nozzle off your perfume bottle , open up your atomiser and pump it in.

I love it, so now I have this little pink spray full of my perfume thrown into my bag, and it means I’m not weighed down with my usual large bottle.

Perfect for taking on your summer hols too!


3.TheBalm ‘How’d you like them apples’ cheek & lip pallet.

I featured this in my latest YouTube make up tutorial .. Have you watched yet?

This is a super pallet. I love that I actually use all the colours. You’ll see from my tutorial how easy and quick it is to apply them. Plus you use them on your lips and cheeks.


4.Image Skincare prevention + daily hydrating moisturizer.

I’ve been using this moisturiser all month. I absolutely love it. Its a sheer formula that spreads easily without any residue. It doesn’t effect your make up application either.
It smells divine, like banana ice cream. It contains anti oxidants, vitamins and green tea as an anti inflammatory agent.
Obviously most importantly it contains a high SPF of 30, meaning it provides ultimate protection and prevention against the ageing effects of the sun. This is so important for everyone, all year round. No matter how young you are, start getting into the habit of using high SPF on your face and neck. Invest in a good one like this from Image skincare. It’ll stand to you in years to come I promise.

Thanks for reading .. What are you’re favourites this month?

Much love

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