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Introducing The Pippa Palette

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Hello All!

Wow what a day it’s been… Today I finally announced my new product in collaboration with Blank Canvas Cosmetics.


This idea started 18 months when I called Una (founder nnf Blank Canvas) and asked for her advice.

A couple of months previous I had been really let down on a big make up campaign that I was set to be involved in.

I was really annoyed and upset by it but in hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened to me. From that day on I was adamant I would do even better and produce something that I was a part of from scratch.

I knew I wanted to develop my own brand of products but I was unsure of where to start.

After having several discussions with Una she said she would like to develop a product with me. Having someone like her with huge expertise in the make up industry and a massively successful business, I was obviously thrilled.

We eventually decided it should be a whole palette containing everything any woman would need.

Slowly but surely ‘The Pippa Palette’ was coming to life.

We trialled, tested, changed, scraped, tested some more, designed, travelled, laughed, cried!! (I think only I cried) until the palette was eventually at our standards and satisfaction. I honestly thought this day would never come and I couldn’t be prouder.

I first got my hands on our finished sample last February. How I kept it to myself that long I don’t know. I wanted to show you all and ask your opinion so many times.


I’m obviously hugely proud of the finished result – as are my family and friends.


I wanted to keep it very personal and name the colours after special people (and animals!) to me.

My favourite shade without a doubt is Lulu – named after my Mum Louise.

It’s bizarre how things happen actually. One of the last conversations I ever had with her was typically enough about make up. She phoned me to admire my make up on TV and asked was she too old to wear highlighter like mine!! I laughed and told her no, she could wear it too – I told her we would go shopping to find her a suitable highlighter.

Unfortunately that day never happened.

So with my Mum in mind we developed ‘Lulu’, which probably took the longest to get right. When we did though I just knew it was perfect!

So what else is in the Pippa Palette?!….

P Palette-10

Its made up of 6 gorgeous gradients of nude toned, matte finish, luxuriously smooth, pigmented eyeshadows, they’re velvet in texture and easy to blend. All 6 colours are ideal for creating a natural to an intense smoky eye. All shades can be worn alone dry/wet or layered for further intensity and lasting power.

pippa palette swatch 3

It contains 3 face shades – a peachy pink blush, a matte warm brown bronzer and obviously the highlighter.

pippa palette swatch 1

It’s everything you need to create a natural day look right through to your night time smokey eye.

So many times people have asked me on social media “what eye shadow or highlighter is that ” and it’s always been from my palette! So now you know! 😉

pippa palette swatch 5

For a natural day time look I reach for ‘Tobi’ and ‘Susu’ – always using ‘Ollie’ or ‘Lily’ as my base.

Then for a night time look I smoke it out using ‘Dodo’ and ‘K.D’

Pippa palette swatch 4

‘Pipsy’ and ‘Lulu’ work beautifully together and ‘Amour’ is the perfect shade you’d ever need to contour and bronze.

Pippa palette swatch 2

It was paramount that the palette was suitable for Beginner to Pro level. We wanted it to be handbag, travel and make up kit friendly. We wanted to create a palette with staple face and eye shades for any make up collection.

I’m thrilled and proud to say we’ve done all of the above.

The Pippa Palette will be available to PRE Order on Monday at 9am (being shipped on Tuesday 21st July)

It will be on Sale from Monday 20th July.

It will cost €34.99 on which includes p&p

Further Details about the Pippa for Blank Canvas palette:

  • All face and eye shade formulae are gluten free, vegan friendly, fragrance and paraben free.
  • Luxuriously packaged in a compact 210mm x 72mm carton. Ideal handbag/travel/kit size.
  • Contains 6x eye shadows, 1x blush, 1x highlighter, 1x contour powder.
  • Includes Mirror


Eyeshades start with the darkest to lightest eye shades left to right.

P Palette-5 (1)


K.D: A highly pigmented matte carbon black shade. Can be worn alone or layered for a smouldering smokey eye. Use as an accent colour on the outer V of the eye or use damp as eyeliner.

DODO: A rich dark chocolate brown colour with a hint of red undertone, perfect for intensifying a smokey eye. Very versatile also as a transitional colour or as an accent colour at the outer V of the eye. Use to smoke your bottom lashline with.  Great for all eye colours.  Can be great as a brow filler for some. Looks amazing when paired with Ollie as a crease colour, Tobi as a transition shade, DoDo on the outer V and LuLu in the inner tear duct.

SUSU: A very versatile shade, great as a subtle liner, brow filler for some, crease color, blender shade and even a face contour shade for some skin tones.

TOBI: A warm soft brown shade, perfect transition shade or on it’s own as a crease colour. Extremely versatile shade.

OLLIE: A subtle warm toned nude-beige eye contouring shade, ideal for the crease. It’s suede like texture makes it easy to blend.

LILY: A beautiful smooth muted ivory-vanilla shade, ideal for a base colour or inner corner/brow bone matte highlight with a tiny hint of reflective shimmer.  Brighten up any eye look with Lily.

LULU: a gorgeous highly pigmented champagne highlighter just in time for the latest strobing trend. Perfect for highlighting the cheekbone/ browbone or inner tear duct. Great on every skin tone and for any age. Gives a beautiful youthful glow to the skin. Its’ finely milled pressed formula is superb for catching the light indoors or outdoors.

PIPSY: A light coral-pink youthful blush shade. Gives a subtle flushed look that’s beautiful on it’s own or buildable for intensity. Its buttery texture is perfect for blending.

AMOUR: A matte warm brown bronzer/contouring colour.  A buildable, universal shade that blends easily. A little goes a long way with this product.


The personal meaning behind Pippa’s shadename choices:

* KD: My grandad Karl Daniel Mullen was a very influential man in my life. When choosing the name for the strongest eyeshadow in the Pippa Palette, he was the first person that came into my mind. We called him KD for short.

* Dodo: My grandmother’s name was Doreen but as grandchildren we called her “Dodo”. She didn’t like to be referred to as granny. I wanted Dodo & KD beside one another in the Pippa Palette.

* Susu: My sister Susanna is my only sister & best friend. I’ve called her Susu forever. Ollie calls her that too!

* Tobi: The first dog we ever owned when I was a child. He brings back great memories of growing up.

* Ollie: Named after my baby Oliver, whom we always refer to as Ollie. Our pride and joy!

* Lily: My husband Brian got us the most beautiful Bichon Frise when she was only 8 weeks old. She was snow white and came from Kildare so we named her Lily.

* Lulu: My favourite shade in the Pippa Palette and the most beautiful shimmering highlighter I’ve ever worn. Named after my dear Mum Louise who’s shining bright above guiding me and willing me on every day.

* Pipsy: All of my friends call me Pipsy Pie. This subtle girly peachy pink blush suited ‘Pipsy’ to a tee.

* Amour: The important shade in the Pippa Palette that brings everything together. This perfect contour shade is simply named ‘Amour’ meaning ‘Love’ to represent my husband.


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