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I’m excited to turn 30 (Irish Mirror)

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“I’m excited to turn 30. I’m only finding myself now and the best is yet to come”
Pippa O’Connor reveals why she doesn’t fear the big 30

– June 29, 2014, by Marie Kierans, Irish Mirror


Most women shudder at the thought of turning 30. And when you’re a model you might understandably worry about work drying up.

Not Pippa O’Connor. The other half of Brian Ormond, who launched her own lifestyle website last year, celebrates the milestone birthday in August, but far from fretting over it the blonde beauty says “bring it on”.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Sunday Mirror, Pippa said: “I feel very grown-up at the thought of turning 30. I am kind of excited about it, though.

“I kind of feel the best is yet to come, like I am only finding myself and finding out what I am good at now.”

Having carved out a hugely successful career as one of Ireland’s top models, the mum of one ventured down a different career path almost a year ago when she set up


Pippa sizzles in new swimwear shoot, Photo by Lili Forberg

And she hasn’t looked back.

She explained: “The website is absolutely flying. It has exceeded all my expectations.

“I have a really good readership and a very loyal following.”

Pippa originally set up the site as a bit of a pastime but it has now grown into a thriving business.

She said: “I thought I’d do it as a hobby because I just love fashion and I love sharing things I like with people.

“So I decided I’d do a very simple blog on fashion things I like and it just evolved from there.

“I am a perfectionist and I wanted to do the best job I could.”

The site has now grown to become a full-time operation.

Pippa added: “I work on it six days a week and about two or three days a week when I model.

“It is growing daily and I am really happy with the stats.”

In an exciting development Pippa has also taken to YouTube with her channel, giving followers an opportunity to get to know the model, mum and presenter.

She said: “ It’s something I wanted to do for a long while now. I don’t know why I put it off.

“I’ve so many more ideas I want to get started on recording involving fashion, make-up, more beauty products and maybe a bit on family life too.”

I am chatting to Pippa on the day she and Brian are celebrating their third wedding anniversary.

The loved-up couple, whose son Ollie is just 14 months old, keep the spark alight by having date nights a couple of times a month.


Happy family…Pippa and husband Brian with their son Ollie

Pippa told the Irish Sunday Mirror: “I can’t believe we are three years married. It just flies by, in the blink of an eye.

“In a way it feels like it was just yesterday but in another way it feels like years ago because we have Ollie now. We try to get out maybe every two weeks on our own for dinner or for a night out with friends.”

Becoming a mother, Pippa admitted, has definitely changed her.

She added: “Nobody can get you ready for it. It is something you have to experience yourself to really understand it.

Like most working mums Pippa felt hugely guilty when she and Brian, after managing to look after Ollie for the first 11 months of his life while juggling their careers, finally decided to leave him in a creche two days a week.

She said: “I know I am lucky because it is only two days but still I felt terrible

“On the days he is not in the creche I work around it and then Brian takes him if I have to do a modelling job.


Pippa models for her new website, Photo by Lili Forberg

“Like yesterday I was busy all day working and Brian had him so it works out.

“It is much easier than having to put him in the creche five days but it’s still hard.

“There is nothing worse than feeling guilty and I felt terribly guilty. I think that must be the biggest thing that mothers face. Then you feel guilty if you don’t go back to work.

“Some people decide they won’t go back and feel guilty too. It is hard either way.

“Everything makes you feel bad when you are under pressure but you find your feet after a while and get into it and do whatever works for you.” Pippa said the best thing about being a mum is seeing her baby grow.

She explained: “Just seeing him develop. Seeing him starting to walk, your heart just melts.

“I be here some days and looking at the things he does and I be just so proud of him. I’m like a big eejit sometimes.

“He does something and you kind of underestimate him a little bit and go, ‘God I can’t believe he did that’.”

The toughest time for Pippa since becoming a mother was undoubtedly last month when Brian, who also has a daughter from a previous relationship, was abroad and little Ollie took ill.


Pippa and Ollie enjoy a special treat to celebrate the Lotto’s Easter Millionaire Raffle game.

She revealed: “He was really sick for a full week. Everything that was going he got. That was probably the hardest thing because there was that feeling of helplessness.

“I couldn’t do anything for him, just bring him to the doctors.

“That week work-wise I had planned to have family mind him and leave him in the creche other days.”

But Pippa quickly abandoned her plans to be with her son.

She said: “It was the first time in my life that nothing else mattered. I dropped everything.

“It didn’t matter what job was booked or how much money it was for. I just couldn’t do it.

“It is the first time that you can’t be selfish.”

Pippa hopes there will be more additions to the O’Connor/Ormond clan down the line – but not just yet.

She said: “I would like to have more children in the future but not today or tomorrow.

“I am the busiest I have ever been.”

As well as her modelling commitments and website, Pippa is also collaborating with Miller & Lamb to design her own line of wedding invitations which will be out this summer.

But there is so much more she wants to achieve.

She added: “I want to do something with fashion and make-up, maybe a collaboration with a brand or a make-up brand of my own.”

After getting a very positive reaction when she co-hosted a national
lottery show with Brian last year, Pippa would also love to do more TV with her husband.

She laughed: “I really enjoyed doing that with him and I’d love to work with him again. We would probably kill each other but I know it would be good fun.” From the outside looking in it looks like Pippa has it all. Does she?

She admitted: “We are normal and have normal problems with work and family, the same as everyone else.

“I try to be as honest as possible on my blogs and stuff but you are not going to be talking about your real-life problems.

“Everybody just shares the good things on their Instagram and Twitter.”

Like most other young couples, the pair have a mortgage and bills to pay and with both working for themselves nothing is secure.

She said: “We are constantly chasing our tail, chasing what is next but we make the best of it.

“Since having Ollie and taking on so much work, I think I am on the go 24-7. Brian gives out to me.

“My brain doesn’t stop, I am emailing at midnight – I just don’t relax.”

And just because she is about to turn 30 Pippa is not planning to quit modelling any day soon.

She added: “I’ll do it for as long as people want to book me and I feel like I am young enough and capable enough.”

– June 29, 2014, by Marie Kierans, Irish Mirror

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