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I love being a mum but I’ll never give up working – (Irish Mirror)

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I love being a mum but I’ll never give up working,” Pippa O’Connor reveals

– March 29, 2014, by Maeve Quigley

The model sits down with the Mirror as she celebrates her first Mother’s Day and insists its all about getting the right balance


Pippa and Ollie enjoy a special treat to celebrate the Lotto’s Easter Millionaire Raffle game.

Model Pippa O’Connor Ormond will be enjoying her first Mother’s Day with baby Ollie tomorrow.

But although the 27-year-old loves every minute she spends with her little boy, she believes she would not enjoy being a stay-at-home parent.

Pippa revealed: “I think for me that would be so hard to just do that.

“I like to try and do other things, so I don’t feel like I am just a mum.

“And fair play to anyone who solely does that because it is just so hard. I don’t think you understand how hard it actually is until you do it yourself.

“Getting out and working outside of the house is definitely easier in my opinion.”

Ollie turns one on April 10 and instead of taking it easier, Pippa’s schedule has become more hectic since he arrived.

She said: “I am so much busier – that is one of the main things.

“Even if you weren’t doing anything else your life would still be so much busier.

“But since Ollie was born I started my website, I’ve got a column in U Magazine and I am starting to design my own wedding invitations in a collaboration with a company called Miller And Lamb.

“There will be five of my own invites I have designed and these are all things I wasn’t doing last year.

“Ollie will be one in two weeks’ time and things have changed dramatically since he was born.”

The boy is the apple of Pippa’s eye and his birth has resulted in a change of priorities for her and TV presenter husband Brian.

She revealed: “I’ve always been a very relaxed person but I am nervous when it comes to him.

“You’re always going to be worried about them and I think my priorities have changed. Things that would have bothered me before like work don’t bother me at all now.

“I am a lot calmer in a lot of ways, I don’t take certain things so seriously.

“Ollie is my priority and everything else doesn’t worry me or bother me as much.”

Pippa’s honesty about motherhood has been one of the reasons young mums have flocked to her website looking for help and advice.

She feels it’s very important for new mothers to make sure they keep in contact with their friends and have some time to themselves.

Pippa said: “I think people kind of relate to me a bit – I hope they do anyway. And there were days in the first few months with Ollie when I was still breastfeeding where I felt awful.

“But then there are other days when you have to gather yourself together and get out of the house.

“Having a positive attitude is so important – I think it’s essential to get out and see your friends on the days when you feel a bit better, maybe even leave the baby with your husband for an hour.

“It’s essential to try and make yourself feel good too – and if that means getting your hair done, meeting a friend then that’s what you need to do.

“It can be very tough as it is, an emotional rollercoaster, so being positive is a good start.”

Pippa is an ambassador for Mothercare and is hoping parents across Ireland will take up a special offer which the stores are providing this weekend.

She said: “Mothercare have launched the Check It Fits campaign so today you can bring your car seat to any of the Mothercare branches and they will check it fits correctly free of charge.

“Even if you didn’t buy the seat in the store, they will still check it.

“It is really important that your car seat is fitted correctly.”

For Pippa, it’s essential that Ollie is safe and secure at all times.

She said: “Just having him, as busy and as mad as it is, life feels more complete now. There’s a nice feeling about the place.”

And although she does want to have more children, Pippa revealed she will wait until Ollie is a bit older.

She said: “Hopefully, we will down the line but right now that’s a thought I can’t even contemplate.”

– March 29, 2014, by Maeve Quigley


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