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How To Wash Your Make Up Brushes!

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When it comes to cleaning your make up brushes do you really know how to clean them properly ?! OR, do you even clean them at all?
Go on – hands up who doesn’t at all!! πŸ˜‰

While washing mine last night I thought I’d share a few tips on how to clean your brushes correctly.

So how often should you wash them first of all… I think once a week is ideal. Pick an evening every week and try to stick with it.

If you have acne I recommend washing them more, maybe 3 times a week.

You can also get a professional brush spray to use daily if you’d like to use in between your deep clean, this will ensure you’re getting rid of any bacteria gathered in your brushes. (Elf daily brush cleaner is good)

When you wash your brushes you’re preventing breakouts and bacteria building, so it really is important to do it. It’ll ensure you get longer out of your brushes too.

STEP 1. I fill a large bowl with tepid water (not boiling) and I pour a small amount of mild baby shampoo into it too. I use one of Ollie’s fragrance free ones, like Burts Bees or Elave.

STEP 2. I swirl the brush around the bowl (you’ll immediately see the make up come off)
I rub the brush off the palm of my other hand.
Its important to hold the ferrule (the metal part) to ensure you don’t get that part wet. That’s where all the hairs are glued on to hold them In place)

STEP 3. I then rinse them , brush down, under the running tap until the water runs clear.
I then gently re shape them.

STEP 4. Using a towel I try to angel them facing down off the edge of a flat surface..again ensuring no water is getting to where they’re glued.

Try to do this at night , that way they’ll be dry and ready to go for the next morning.

Here’s a list of my DO’S & DONTS
to keep your brushes in the best nik!

-DON’T throw your brushes loose into your handbag! I know we all do this , me included sometimes but it’s really bad for your brush hairs. They’ll bend and break.

-DO carry them in brush folio case (I use one from Blank Canvas) it’s especially ideal for travelling.

-DON’T leave your brushes to soak in a basin or skin of water, the hairs will come out if you do this. This is a big mistake people make ,then they wonder why the hairs are coming out.

-DON’T squash your brush face down onto a tissue or towel to clean it- you’ll ruin them by doing this.

-DON’T overload your brush with liquid. Use little then add more if you have to.

-DO throw away any brush that is destroyed with foundation and can’t be washed out. If you think it’s gone beyond saving don’t waste your time, put it in the bin- buy a new one and take care of it πŸ˜‰

That’s it, easy when you know how πŸ˜‰

I hope you’ve found this useful ..
Get washing!

Much love

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