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How to dress up a simple black outfit

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Happy Friday ladies!

A question I’m asked quite often is how to make a simple black outfit look more interesting… And my answer is always “add a statement necklace” – they can bring your outfit to the next level, you’re party-ready in seconds!

Today I’m showing you how I would instantly dress up an otherwise very simple black outfit. Both of these necklaces are from Betty & Biddy – how gorgeous and unique looking are they? I’m in love!


MAC_9334 The first one is called ‘Esther’ (buy here) – it has hints of red & turquoise, which I really like. You could also wear this with a white shirt & jeans to add some extra glam during the day.

My second necklace is called ‘Lolita’ (buy here). Now this caught my eye straight away, the colours are just gorgeous! It adds serious life to my black-on-black look.



Also if you’re stuck in a rut of what to wear to an upcoming Xmas party, you could wear a super simple outfit like mine and add one of these beauties – you’re good to go! 😉


Necklaces (Buy here)

Top (Buy here)

Black skort (Buy here)

Shoes (Buy here)

These must-have necklaces are amazing for breaking up an all-black ensemble, as you can see.

Make sure to check out for more of their fab pieces – it’s a magpie’s paradise.


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