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How To Achieve Flawless Airbrushed Legs

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Now that it’s May (yay bring on the sunshine, I hear ya say!), it’s just about time to bare some skin.

Questions are starting to flood in about false tans so today we’re looking at Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs.

I’ve been a Sally Hansen user and lover for years. It was my Mum actually who made me aware of the brand – I remember her using the instant spray a long time ago (we’ll look at that one another day).

The lotion though is newer to the market and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.


This product is make up for the body. Not only does it tan your skin, it hides any imperfections, veins or marks you might be conscious of.

There are 4 different shades available in the range: ‘Light’, ‘Medium’, ‘Tan’ & ‘Deep’.

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I use the ‘Medium’ shade. In fact, this shade seems most popular amongst my friends too. Before my Fashion Factories you’ll see us all applying “a bit of Sally” to our legs.

Although it’s ‘leg makeup’, I often apply it all over my body too. Or whatever areas are on show at least! I love mixing this with a body lotion that has a slight shimmer (like the Body Shop’s Coconut Shimmer).

I apply my Airbrush Legs with a clean mitt – a double-sided velvet tanning mitt is my preference (most brands do these now). I just like the flawless finish a velvet mitt gives.



Then I get a make up brush (something like the F22 from Blank Canvas is perfect) and I sweep the brush into the tub of moisturiser and dap it on lightly to my shoulders or colour bone.

I can be a little lazy when it comes to applying false tan the day before I want to be tanned so this is when ‘Airbrush legs’ comes in so handy. I use this all the time on my pasty white legs and I’ve got flawless & tanned legs in an instant. I love the convenience of it.


Another question I get asked a lot is how do I cover up bad tan. We’ve all been there! There’s nothing worse, you’ve been for a professional spray tan or you’ve done it yourself – you wake up the next morning and you’ve got horrible patches! What I would do in this instance is hop into the shower, try to scrub off any patches best you can with a good body scrub and exfoliating mitt. Then apply a layer of your Airbrush legs and it’ll cover up any unwanted mistakes!

It’s water resistant too, which is brilliant. It will come off with a gentle scrub in the shower. If though, you want it to last for more than one day I would have my shower as normal the day after I’ve applied it and just not rub my skin.


Then I’ll just apply a little bit more with my mitt to top it up. This is especially handy if you’re at a wedding for the weekend and don’t want to be re-applying from scratch.

It gets 10/10 from me, a super product at an unbeatable price. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is available from Penneys and leading pharmacies nationwide.

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