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Holiday Tanning!

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Hi Everyone,

Keeping with the holiday related posts I thought I’d write about the tanning products and sun factors I’ve been using while on holidays.

Lots of you had questions about what tan I had used and what SPF I use, especially on my face.

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My thoughts on pre holiday tanning are as follows… I personally wouldn’t get a spray tan if I was going away for more than 4 days. I feel they don’t wear off evenly everywhere and I just find that too annoying if I’m in a bikini everyday. They can work well on my friends so maybe I’m just so pale they wear off more noticeably. You will still tan through a spray tan though, Incase you’re wondering.

For this holiday I exfoliated well for the week before I left, the night before I flew out I applied a good layer of the Rimmel dark mousse. I’ve spoken about this before, you can see that post here.

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I love tanning with a mousse, I find it really easy and quick to apply. This dark shade gives such a lovely golden colour. If you’re any way dark it’ll come up really tanned on you, it’s very brown- not at all orange. I really like the result I get with this. It’s so reasonably priced too, about €7 from Penneys.

I brought it with me and did the same again about 6 days later.

In between using the mousse I’ve been using the He-Shi Tinted Tanning Gel every couple of days. I just apply this really quickly after a shower with my hands – if you wash your hands straight away they won’t stain. It’s really nice and natural when applied to your face too.

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I haven’t really sunbathed while I’ve been here, bar an hour here and there since we’ve been in Laguna while Ollie has slept in his buggy. So the bit of false tan is a necessity for me, I’d feel ghostly white otherwise.

For sun factor I’ve been using Nuxe SPF 30 Oil for my body. I love the look of the oil on my skin in the sun, I find it really nourishing on too. I tend to stick to the higher factors now, I’ve learned over the years that red scalded skin is not a good look! Not to mention incredibly dangerous. My pale skin needs a high factor anyway.

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For my face I’ve been using Lancôme BB Cream with SPF 50. It’s been my first time to use this and I really like it. The tinted cream gives a really lovely golden tan to your face, perfect if you feel you want a little something to brighten you up! It’s protected my skin really well more importantly.

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On days that I don’t want any sort of coverage I’ve been using the Clarins Multi Protection SPF 50. This is a translucent oil free cream. It’s pricier than your average all over sun factor but I like using ones specifically for the face. I really like the handy size of this bottle too. It’s hard to beat a brand like Clarins – I’m never disappointed.

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For after sun care I’ve been using the Nuxe After Sun Body and Face lotion. It’s really soothing and hydrating. A good tip is to keep it in the fridge and apply it cold to your skin.

IMG 7 7330-766x1024

I’ve been using my Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil before I go to bed. As you’ll know if you always follow me, I love this product, I use it all year round. I think it’s a lovely product to use in the summer though, just because it really hydrates dehydrated skin, especially good for after sun use.

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I hope I’ve answered any tanning related questions now? Join in the chats on Facebook and let me know which ones you use or what’s your pre holiday tanning routine.


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