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Hello Louis Ormond!

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Little Louis Ormond is 4 weeks old today! A whole month – my god! I can hardly believe it.

IMG_8353 Although in a way it does feel like he’s been here longer as he’s just slotted into our family like he’s always belonged here.


I still can’t believe I’m a mother of 2 children. It sounds very grown up. I still feel like I’m 21. I don’t look it mind you but in my head I’m still that young!

I really didn’t know what to expect having 2 kids. I was very excited as I couldn’t wait for Ollie to have a little pal to grow up with but also I was nervous about how it would change things. I didn’t think about it too much though – my pregnancy flew and before I knew it, Louis was here!


Truthfully though it’s the same as having 1 I think… just busier! Baby number 1 changes your whole life, it’s a massive life adjustment but for me, number 2 felt easier in every way.

We only had 1 boy name in our heads. Louis is French for ‘famous warrior’, I love it and I liked how well it went with Ollie. The main reason we chose Louis was it’s the male version of ‘Louise’, after my Mum.


Ollie adores his little brother. That was probably my only worry before I had him – how would Ollie react. Thankfully he’s been amazing and has adapted very well. There was the odd moment of acting out looking for attention but nothing major. We’ve been mindful to keep Ollie involved as much as possible but really we had nothing to worry about. He’s so proud to have him and is so kind to him. The 2 of them meeting in the hospital for the first time was magical. I felt so emotional and lucky seeing them together.




When I had Ollie everyone said the same thing “enjoy every minute of him, he’ll be big before you know it”. I listened and thought I was heeding the advice but looking back I didn’t fully do that.

Ollie was so so hungry, it seemed like I could never fill him. Some days it felt like I was feeding him 30 times a day. He was on and off my boobs like a yoyo and it was exhausting! I remember saying things like, “He’s hungry again! He couldn’t be, it’s only been an hour” but he was, it was as simple as that.

So there were definitely days when I was exhausted and I didn’t “enjoy every moment” but looking back now, those spells really are so short-lived. Before I knew it he was 1, then 2 and now 3 years old – all in the blink of an eye.

This time around, I’m 100 percent more relaxed. I’m a laidback person anyway but now if Louis wants to feed around the clock or we’ve had a crap night’s sleep, I don’t dwell on it or let it get to me. I’m just going with the flow and actually now I’m enjoying every day with him because I truly know that this tiny magical stage goes scarily fast. Yeah I’m knackered most days and noticing more wrinkles but it’s all good!

I’m breastfeeding Louis too (with the odd bottle thrown in). He’s a hungry boy and loves his grub.

He’s very chilled out and content, the only time he gives out is when he’s hungry. He seems to have a little feeding feast in the early evenings – then I feed him at about 11pm then around 3am he wakes. (Brian usually gives a bottle at that time which is a super help!) Then he goes again until about 6am. So I couldn’t ask for anything better than that at this stage.

We’ve been using the cocoona baby for Louis to sleep on and it’s been superb – I highly recommend it. I’m so glad we got it. When I was told about it I was thinking ‘€180 for a big piece of foam, no way’… But it’s amazing and so cleverly shaped and designed to provide the perfect position for baby to be comfortable in. It can be placed into your cot.


This time we’re using the Stokke Be Safe car seat – I love it, and I love the grey colour we got in it. It’s easy to use, well once you know how!! I spent ages last week trying to get it out of the car! I was getting so annoyed I was about to take Louis out and just carry him in my arms. I was actually just pressing the wrong button!!

For our pram I have the Stokke Xplory that we used for Ollie (I just got new covers) and we’re also using the Stokke Scoot. The Scoot is like a city pram, very light and folds in one easy part. Brian even loves the scoot and keeps saying how handy and light it is. The car seat clips onto either pram with no adapters, which I like too – the less fuss the better!


Oh another thing I’m loving is our steriliser. I got the Avent one you put in the microwave- I can’t believe how handy it is, you just put the steriliser into the microwave for 2mins and they’re done!

I hated how big and bulky my last one for Ollie was- I had to plug it in which meant it was always out taking up space on the counter plus it took 20 mins to sterilise the bottles. This one is much better -but just check it fits in your microwave before you throw out any packaging!


So there you have it, I just wanted to introduce Louis as I hadn’t given an update on here yet.

I’m enjoying the time off and quality time at home. Mind you I’m still working on things at home – but that’s okay because I enjoy it. We’re launching a new business in September (I’m bursting about it!!) with lots of other projects planned from September onwards. It’s set to be a crazy autumn/winter but I cannot wait. I’m really really excited for it all.

Thanks for reading,

Much love


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