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Happy Mother’s Day

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This week 2 years ago I brought my Mum to a Mother’s Day lunch in aid of UNICEF in the Four Seasons Hotel.

I was 9 months pregnant and nearly didn’t go as I just felt so exhausted at that stage- when I rang my mum the day before to check in with her she told me she was really looking forward to it. She had made a hair appointment and picked out her outfit so I knew I couldn’t cancel then. When I think back now I’m so glad I didn’t. We had such a lovely day together, she spoke about it for weeks later- it was the last one before Ollie came along.


We had so many days out over the years, like mothers and daughters do. Even the silly little days out are the most memorable now.


She loved being in my company- she loved shopping with me and asking my opinion. I loved it too as she was always so glam and loved everything I did.

She would always give out to me if I turned up in heels though, she would comment saying “you’re so much taller than me its not fair” – she always made me laugh.


What I wouldn’t give to have one more day out with her. One more anything really.

Being Mother’s Day doesn’t make it any harder being without her to be honest- every day is difficult regardless.


If you’re lucky enough to have your Mum don’t forget to tell her you love her and thank her.

Have lots of days out. Cherish everyday.

Happy Mother’s Day to us all. Especially the ones in heaven.



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