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Happy Days flying by x

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Hi everyone, happy Saturday!

Im writing on my new phone at the moment. My iPhone had been annoying me for a while now, it had a mind of it’s own,shutting down all the time no matter how much battery life i had left. So i just decided to try something new! It’s pretty scary changing phones when you’re so used to using the iPhone, I’ll give it a go anyway and see how i get on.
I went for the Sony Xperia Z1 compact, my friend got it and was telling me how great it was.
I want 2 main things in a phone -a good battery life and a great camera, i was constantly charging my iPhone, i thought the camera was good though. Since using this Sony phone (only since yesterday) id go as far to say that this camera quality is much much better.

I didn’t intend to talk about my phone issue’s so much but how and ever!!

Yesterday we brought Ollie to get his first pair of Clarks shoes. He isn’t walking just yet but i think he’s nearly there, he’s cruising around all the furniture,getting braver and faster all the time.

We have lots of slippy surfaces in our house, marble and wood (not exactly child friendly)
So i felt it was time for proper shoes to help him along.
I knew Ollie had big feet, i thought he’d be a size 3&a half. When he was measured he was nearly a 5!! That’s huge for his age! I couldn’t believe it.
When we tried a 5 on him thry were a little big so we tried a 4& a half and they were much better.
We chose plain navy one’s with velcro straps. they’re cute and will go with everything.
They’ll only last 6-8weeks so when we go back it’ll be interesting to see how much hes grown.
He got his photo taken in the shop too which i thought was a lovely keepsake.

This week I’d to go out and buy lots of new clothes for Ollie too. All of a sudden none of his 9-12month sizes fitted him. I got nice spring clothes in Mothercare, i like that their sizes are a generous fitting. I got nice vests in M&S too, they’re great quality and hold shape well. In the past I’ve bought cheaper vests and pajamas but they definitely don’t last as long when you’re washing them so often so i reckon it’s worth spending a bit more to save buying twice.

Ollie will be 1 next month! A year old, that’s seriously scary, i must have spent the past year in crazy, nappy filled, milk feeding bubble because it seems like yesterday that i was in hospital having him. People always tell you to cherish all the moments and enjoy the early years. I now appreciate what they meant.

Last night we went for an early dinner, just the two of us,no Ollie. Which felt very strange,but it was lovely being able to relax and have a glass of wine in peace. We went to Jamie Olivers in Dundrum. I love Italian, i could live on pasta dishes. I had a gorgeous lasagne made with pork and beef mince with a layer of butternut squash. It was absolutely delicious. Of course i had some garlic bread too,they were little dough balls, devine!


I hope you’ve a great weekend, great to see Ireland win the rugby today. Exciting game to watch.

Tomorrow and Monday afternoon I’ll be at the Beauty show in the rds,i haven’t been before so I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be with Blank Canvas, tomorrow Tara O’Farrell is doing my make up and on Monday Derrick Carberry will do it. Both are amazing make up artist’s so you should definitely watch them in action to get some free tips. I can’t wait myself. If you’re going see you there.

Much love

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