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Happy 2nd Birthday Ollie O!

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Just over 2 years ago I was preparing to go to hospital to have my baby. I was scared and anxious of the unknown.

I never really read the baby books or took much heed of the nuggets of advice. I found it all quite overbearing and too much to take. I figured ignorance was bliss, it had to happen. I was in very capable hands and I hoped that intuition would then just kick in.

The last thing my Mum said to me before going in to hospital was “Be brave, you’re capable of anything” so I just kept thinking ‘If everyone else can do it, I can do it’.


On April 10th 2013 at 9.45am Ollie Ormond was born. When he was handed to me I remember thinking ‘wow he’s so big and long’ there was no mistaking he was a boy. He had massive hands and long feet but he had most angelic face I’d ever seen.

The few days in hospital were a blur – I went through every emotion possible – I cried, I laughed, I was in total shock that I had become a Mum. I couldn’t believe my luck to have this little person here in our lives but part of me was petrified also.

People tell you all the time to enjoy them when they’re small as time goes by too quickly – this indeed is true.


The past 2 years has literally flashed before my eyes.

Watching Ollie grow up has been fascinating, exciting, challenging, tiring!! Among lots of other things.

He’s changed my life completely. Pre motherhood I was very care free, unorganised, somewhat selfish and probably a little unsure of myself if I’m honest.


Since having him he’s the first person I consider- obviously! (Instead of only having to worry about myself), he’s made me realise what’s really important in life – yes, I love fashion and beauty as that’s what I do but none of that actually matters, they’re just things I enjoy. Ultimately all that matters are the people you love. It’s taught me how to multitask! It’s shown me patience I never knew I had – dealing with a toddler tantrum is hard going.

It’s given me confidence I never had before. To me being a Mum is a blessing and an important job so it’s made me feel that if I can do that, I can do anything.

Since becoming a Mum I definitely appreciated my own Mother more (and all Mums!)

My Mum is only gone 6 months (on Ollie’s birthday) I missed her on Friday especially when blowing Ollie’s candles out. We had a lovely day though – Ollie got so excited when he saw the ducks on his cake. He kept saying “Quack Quack!!”


He’s at a really fun age now, starting to talk and put sentences together is really very humorous. My favourite is “there she is” when he see’s Brian!

Life is hectic and busy (and messy!) since he came into our lives but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

He makes my heart pound every time I look at his little face. I look at him and think what did I do to deserve you (soppy but true!)


Happy Birthday to our little animal loving monkey.

I wish you could stay small forever!



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