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Getting ready for the weekend!!

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Getting Ready For The Weekend!

Hi Everyone!

Only one more sleep until the weekend, woohoo!

I for one am especially excited. I’m off to London for the weekend with my friends.

2 of my best friends live there. So myself and 1 other friend are travelling over tomorrow.

Once a year we go somewhere, last year it was Barcelona. This year we decided on London, you can’t get a better city than London for a city break. Especially with the incredible weather they’re having there too at the moment. We have a lovely weekend of shopping , pampering, eating & drinking planned.

I’m so excited to just catch up with my friends and relax, we’re all so busy that it’s hard to see each other all the time so I don’t really care where we go to be honest.

Tonight though it’s all about getting ready, so I thought I’d show you what I do and use to get ready!

-For the past few days (3) I’ve been scrubbing and body brushing head to toe. I felt so white today!
It’s worth it though , there’s nothing better than applying false tan to clean , fresh skin.

-After my final scrub 😉 I used a hair mask. I used this really affordable one from Lidl called ‘Argan Oil’ it leaves my hair feeling really soft and frizz free. I leave this in for an hour or 2 with a towel on my head. It costs about €2!! It’s as good as some well known hair oils I have. I have this a good while though so I’m unsure if it’s still in stock. If you know you might tell us below 😉

-In the meantime I used a face mask. I’m using Image skincare Vital C hydrating enzyme masque. I’ve spoken about this in my latest skin care routine post.

-Then I apply my tan. I’m using Lauren’s Way bronzing mousse in medium today. This is one of my favourite tans. It’s dark with a lovely golden tone. No orange!!

– Last night I used this footmask from Scholl before I went to bed. It’s so good and really works to leave your feet soft. I’m always forgetting about my feet and heels. I hate feet!! But it’s no use having lovely shoes on when your feet aren’t as pretty as can be!

-Lastly I painted my toes. I had my finger nails done already, by the fab Michelle Burke in Dundrum. I get gelish done and this time I went for white!!
I haven’t had this colour before but I think it’s fab with a tan and I’m loving the few Swarovski diamonds on my ring nails! 😉 fancy pants!!

I used a nail polish remover from Penneys to remove any polish that was was so cheap and I love it because it works well and it smells of coconut. I then applied a nearly white shade on my toes called urban jungle by Essie. It’s not an exact match.. But it’ll do the job nicely.

What do you reckon?

What’s your routine for getting weekend ready?

Much love

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