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Get The Look: Soft Spotlight Eye using Urban Decay Naked Palette by Kate McCormack

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Today, I will be creating a super soft spotlight eye using the Urban Decay original Naked Palette, which is definitely a palette that is owned by most ladies these days. This is a look involving a couple of steps and can be recreated using any shadows and any colours. Use shadows that you have in your collection or colour that you feel complement your eye colour. You can amp it up and make it darker or on the flip side you can you can simplify it even more.


Step 1:


-Using a large fluffy blending brush (I used Inglot’s 6SS Blender), apply the shade ‘Naked’ into the crease. Concentrate this colour on the inner third and outer third of the eyelid, keeping the centre of the lid bare! Keep applying the shade until you are happy with the pigmentation.

Step 2:


-Using a matte brown pencil (I used ‘Stripdown’ lip liner from Mac but any brown pencil will do). Colour this on top of the ‘naked’ shadow, this will help to intensify the ‘brown’ shade more quickly than if you try to just keep building up the pigment. Make sure to blend the pencil down so there are no harsh lines.

Step 3:


-Next add the shadow ‘Buck’ on top the liner. This will grab to the pigment of the pencil and add depth quickly! Keep blending this down and adding more shadow, building it up to the intensity you want.

Step 4:


-Next, we want to add more depth. I used ‘Smog and Darkhorse’ shadows together on a pencil brush (E23 from Blank Canvas) and pressed it on both the outer and inner corners. Make sure you still have the centre of the lid bare of any colour.

Step 5:


-Now simply add a flesh colour pencil to the waterline, I used NYX Cosmetics ‘Wonderpencil in Light’. The using the ‘Smog’ and ‘Darkhorse’ shadows on an angled brush define under your lower lash line, and then blend out using the ‘Buck’ shadow.

Step 6:


-Now, for the centre of the lid, we’re going to add some sheen, using ‘Sidecar’ shadow. Using a flat brush. I used a Blank Canvas E24 flat shader and pressed it onto the centre of the lid. This is going to make the eye appear bigger and brighter but yet we still have the smokiness on the outer corners.

Step 7:


– Finally, pop on some lashes (if you wish), I used the Penney’s ‘Sultry’ lashes, only €1.50 and super light to wear. I applied them using Duo eyelash glue, the best in the business. Pop on some mascara of your choice and using a flat shader brush again add the shadow ‘Virgin’ to the inner tear duct to keep the eye bright.


That’s it. Super simple to recreate. Hope you enjoyed this and please do recreate it using these shades or your favourite shades! The spotlight eye is a nice change from a regular smokey eye; so don’t be afraid to change it up.

Thanks ,

Kate xx

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