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Get a flawless looking face!

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This pretty pink handled foundation brush is from a company I had never heard about until now- it’s called Blank Canvas.

The F20 Flat Buffer is made of short, soft and lustrous fibres, ideal for applying liquid or cream foundation to deliver a flawless HD finish. The dense sythetic fibres help blend foundation seamlessly, resulting in a look that appears almost airbrushed!

I think this brush would be ideal for mature skin too, as it creates a smooth, youthful-looking appearance. The densely packed flat top maneuvers easily around the face, making it suitable for under eyes and around the nose and brow areas.

I applied much less foundation too with this as it didn’t get lost in my brush.

The reason I’m so excited and impressed by this simple little brush is my foundation really looked professionally applied.. And best of all is it costs only €13.99.

The amount of money I’ve spent on brushes only then to find half the hairs from the brush stuck on my face! So it’s nice to find one that does the job well.

Hope you like my little recommendation.

Pippa x

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