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For one night only!

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I’ve been a busy bee this week getting ready to co host my first ever Tv show tomorrow night.
I’m standing in for the lovely Sinead Kennedy and co hosting the National Lottery’s Big Money Game with my husband Brian. I know, how weird working with your husband or wife!

As I said it’s my first time to present a Tv show. I’ve had lots of experience in front of the cameras from all the different shows I’ve appeared on but this time it’s different. You’ve to read the auto cue for starters – sounds easy but the trick is to not make it look like you’re reading it.
With 6 cameras, a live audience, and wearing an ear piece it’s all new to me.

I’m really excited though and a little nervous, I think some nerves are good though.
I’m so lucky to get this opportunity and I’m even luckier that I get to do it with Brian , I know he’ll help me if I get stuck along the way. So that’s very reassuring.

We’ve had some practice during the week so I can’t wait to just do it now!

I’ve decided to wear one of the dresses I bought in Barcelona. I think it one of my favourites ever!
It’s coral so I thought the colour would be nice on tv.

I hope you’ll tune in to see my hosting debut! 😉

The Big Money Game , RTE1 @ 8.35pm.

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