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Foodie Fridays!

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Happy Friday 🙂 woohoo I hear ya say!

I hope you’ve had a good and quick week. Mine has been busy and very productive so I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Although I don’t think ill get to relax too much with Ollie. Everyday he’s getting more active and really keeping me on my toes.

I thought I’d continue with the food post as you all seemed to like it.
I think ill post every Friday on what I ate for one day during the week.

They are very normal, easy, and convenient , they’ll be honest too, so if I’ve had 2 creme eggs that day I’ll include that too!!

So this is everything I had yesterday..


-Breakfast – weetabix and berries. cup of tea.


-Lunch – a whole avocado with a small tin of tuna mixed with light mayo. Cherry tomatos. Couple of crackers. This is really filling and quick to prepare. (You could easily bring these ingredients into work and make it there)

-Late afternoon- I’d a meeting in town so I couldn’t resist the scones, I wasn’t too hungry so I’d half with butter and jam. More tea! 😉


-Dinner- Chicken stew. This is throw whatever you have into a pot dish!
-Diced chicken fillets
-red pepper
-chicken stock ,pint of water, pepper and chilli flakes.

We love this in our house, it’s so yummy ,I’d probably do this once a week. I like it spicy but you needn’t add the chilli flakes.
Ollie loves this too- he has it without any chilli obviously 😉

-Dessert was more tea and a milk chocolate magnum!

Have a lovely weekend everyone..
Love Pippa x

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