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Foodie Friday- What I Ate!

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Welcome to the weekend. Wow that was a short week wasn’t it!

Sorry my ‘Foodie Friday’ posts haven’t been consistent. I forget to take pics half the time as I’m busy or eating on the go.

Today though I made a conscious decision to take pics…

Breakfast – Flahavans porridge with apple & raisins.
I love this as it satisfies my sweet tooth. For me it’s quick to make, filling and healthy.

Lunch – I Tried these new McVitie’s flatbreads this week. I love them. They’re great for your lunch, I’ve been putting cheese & tomato on mine. Today I had a small tin of tuna & mayo on it. With half an avocado & some tomato. Simples!! 😉

Snack – Fruit pieces and a baby bel , am I the only adult that loves these ? Ah well, my lil secret is out!! They remind me of going to school!

Dinner- I’m a bit lazy when it comes to cooking red meat. I usually opt for fish, chicken or pork.
I knew Brian would love steak so I got some sirloin steak. It’s good for my iron too as I’m always pretty low.
On the side I made some baby carrots, spinach (in a pot with tiny bit of rape seed oil and some ground nutmeg thrown in , it gives a lovely flavour to the spinach)
The potatoes were par boiled , cut in half, pinch of salt on top and baked in oven for about her 30 min, they’re so delicious like that.
I couldn’t finish it all though and only had half the potato.

Afterwards I had a Rolo yogurt, Brian says I’m sick and they taste awful. They’re very sweet,but I love them!

I’d my usual 2 litres of water and 3-4 cups of tea!

That’s it! Although I’m contemplating a glass of white wine now too, so add that to the list! 😉

Anything you had that you’d like to share?!

Have a great weekend ,

Much love

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