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First Foods

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Today we gave Ollie his first taste of real food!
He had pureed carrot.
He’s more used to the spoon now since starting the baby rice, he’s still making hilarious faces though when you put it in his mouth.
He had a tiny amount, about two teaspoons.


I made a big batch of carrot and a batch of sweet potato. I used the Babycook.
It’s fantastic, it steams and blends the food, making it so easy and quick.
You can cook all your baby’s food in this. It can be purchased in Mothercare.


I used these little food pots for freezing which are so handy, i’ll just defrost them in the microwave as I need them.


I’m following Annabel Karmel’s book. Although I’m really following my sister Susanna! I phone her 10 times a day to ask her questions about feeding/ sleeping/ cooking / sterilising , you name it. She has a 2 year old boy, Finn, so it’s great for me that she’s been through it all so recently.
I know I have all the information in all the books but I rather ask someone I trust, plus it’s easier than reading up!!


I imagine this is the start of all the fun and mess. I’m really looking forward to making lots of different things for Ollie. Hopefully he’ll like it all. Lots of pelican bibs at the ready!


What was your baby’s first and favourite foods?


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