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Fight The Frizz: 15 of The Best Hairstyles for Humid Weather

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I think you’d all agree with us when we say that with the weather in Ireland being gloriously sunny and above 20 degrees comes a lot of humidity and potential Monica from Friends moments. And because of that, outfit/hairstyle planning isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks (1st world problems at its finest). We’re never happy are we?

Your fabulous wavy or freshly straightened locks can be ruined the minute you walk out the door when it’s heavy outside. Not ideal. So today on, we’ve found some gorgeous hairstyles to help #FightTheFrizz and tame our manes this summer.

We’ve picked a mix of styles from really easy to slightly more intricate ones as you’ll see below to help keep you hair away from your face. Even if you can’t do them yourself, ask a friend or family member. We all know someone who’s good at hair, don’t we? They may come in handy for these.

Featured image via // Friends “The One In Barbados” episode

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