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False Tans

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Like most Irish skin I’m pale with some freckles.
So I’m no stranger to false tan.
I like it to look natural. There’s probably nothing worse than orange skin and badly applied tan (yes I’ve been there too!)

I’ve probably tried 90% of false tans on the market.
There are lots of really good ones I’ve tried over the years, and some not so good ones!

This is a list of what I’m using now and what I really like. I’ve included a mixture of all types of false tans.

Garnier ‘Summer Body’ gradual tan moisturiser.
I love this as it does two things at once.. Tans and moisturises. It’s quick to apply and after a couple of days you’ll notice a lovely light natural glow. It moisturises my skin well too. It has a sweet smell which I quite like.
I probably put this on every second day after a shower.
Best of all it’s very affordable.

Vita Liberata tanning gel.
This is the most expensive tan I have (about €30) I would use this for a night out, especially if I’m wearing a dress as it’s great on my legs as they’re naturally snow white!!
I use the dark gel and one application of this is enough to get the desired colour. I really like this one, I know it’s a little expensive but it works well, I love the colour and it never comes out patchy or streaky.

Cocoa Brown 1 hour tanning mousse.
I love tanning moose as it’s the quickest and easiest to apply.
Cocoa Brown is Irish owned and created by Marissa Carter, she is a leading beauty expert and owner of Carter Beauty in Blackrock.
This is defiantly the best value for money (about €8!)
You can apply this for an instant natural looking tan. The beauty of this product is you can have a shower an hour later and still have your tan. Although you are best to leave it for as long as possible to develop I think. It doesn’t smell and it dries pretty much instantly.

Rimmel instant tan.
Rimmel products are excellent I think. I’ve been using this tan since I’ve been a teenager. This one is a bit different as it now has a gradual tan in it too. I like the medium matte one.
If you need a quick fix this is super. It’s good all over the body.
I sometimes top my tan up with this before I go out. It doesn’t transfer onto your clothes.

When it comes to applying tan less is more! I always use a tanning mitt and I apply to clean skin. Only apply a small amount of oil free moisturiser to dry areas such as hands, ankles, knees and feet.
If you’re unsure or nervous about having a tanning disaster only apply a little one day , you can always build it up the next day. Or you can mix moisturiser with your false tan for a subtle glow. If I’m applying to my face I always mix with moisturiser!
I always tan at night before bed and wear loose clothing.

Happy tanning

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