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Embrace your curves! My favourites from plus size range.

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This week a new line of clothing from caught my eye.

They have just launched their plus size collection ranging in sizes from 16 – 24.

I was really impressed by the collection and thought you’d love to see it. With summer months approaching I’ve been asked about certain trends and women questioning “I’m curvy, can I wear that” The answer is absolutely, of course you can!

My number 1 tip about looking good, no matter what size or height you are is being confident!
That might sound easy and obvious but think about it.. When a woman walks into a room feeling she looks amazing chances are everyone else will think so too.
Us women are terrible at taking a compliment ..
Someone asks “oh your top is amazing”
What do we always say …” oh this!! It’s just Penneys , it’s grand”

So stop that nonsense , be confident and except any compliments given!!

So getting back to, they’ve incorporated the latest trends like the skort and culottes with the must have colours like pastels and monochrome.

Clever illusion dresses feature , along with my new favourite, the jumpsuit.

There’s a really cool pair of Multi coloured jeans too.

The prices are amazing , with some pieces starting at only ā‚¬15!
At those prices it’s easy to try out some of the latest trends and embrace your curves! šŸ˜‰

I’ve picked some of my favourite from the collection below.

What do you reckon ? Do you like them?

Much love

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