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Chic Casual Wear

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Hi Girls,

Last week we put together 3 outfits in our ‘Occasion Wear’ post- you all seemed to like it which was great.

These posts are so fun to do. I love styling different looks and putting everything together. It’s a time consuming one to do as it takes time to find things we love then put them together.. Niamh (my intern) is an amazing help with this though, we both take dozens of pictures of things that catch our eye and end up with great looks! Its probably one of my favourite posts to do too!

Another popular request I get is – what to wear for everyday casual wear that’s still stylish and on trend. As easy as you might think casual wear is ,it can be hard to do, especially when you’re a busy Mum. You don’t have much time to get ready and what you do wear it has to be comfortable and practical. I did want to call this post “looks for Yummy Mummy’s” 😉 but really they’re looks that will appeal to everyone – I hope so anyway!!

When doing this post I thought to myself would I like to buy this.. Would I wear this on a busy day minding Ollie .. Would I wear this going into town shopping with the girls! I said yes to all of the above and this is what we came up with- I hope you like them!

A few pieces are actually things I own myself!

What’s your favourite ?

Much love xx




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