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Centra ‘Live Well’

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Hi ladies,

I hope you’re all having a lovely Tuesday. As some of you may already know, I’ve been working with Centra over the past year now helping to promote its ‘Live Well’ initiative which is about helping shoppers to make the healthier choice and striving to create a healthier Ireland for the future. Yesterday, marked one year since the launch of Live Well and I thought that I would take this opportunity to tell you about some of the great results that they have managed to achieve.

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I must say they are still as passionate today about Live Well as they were at the launch a year ago.

Ireland has without a doubt become a much more health conscious nation over the past year. I’m sure you would all agree with me on that as well, ladies. Salads, juices, and fitness have become such major parts of people’s day-to-day lives in comparison to a year ago.

As part of the Live Well initiative, Centra is striving to promote healthy living, offering shoppers nutritious choices that are convenient and super easy for the whole family.

Seeing a shift in Irish consumer’s needs and shopping behaviours, Centra has cut down on shelf space for fizzy sugar-loaded drinks and are promoting healthier alternatives. The result of this positive move is that they have helped to reduce customers’ calorie intake by 125 million calories. Yes, that much! And by the way, did you know 125 million calories is the same as 7.8million spoons of sugar?!

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I really enjoy attending the Live Well events because I always learn so much. During the event, Centra revealed research carried out by RED C, which I found extremely interesting. The results showed that two thirds of Irish adults are making more effort to have healthy lifestyles compared to a year ago. 4 out of 5 people are more conscious about their food intake, with two thirds consciously checking the ingredients in what they eat. For me this is a real indication that we are taking our health and the health of our kids seriously.

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The Live Well initiative is just perfect for the family, especially when you’re on-the-go like myself, Brian and the two boys. When you’re busy with a newborn baby and a giddy 3-year-old, eating healthy can be a difficult task at times. I’m sure most mums out there would say the same!

I’ve definitely become a lot more conscious of making healthier food choices for my family. We tend to do a basket-shop rather than a big weekly shop as our schedules vary from week to week, so Centra is ideal for grabbing what we need on the go while still staying healthy.

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There’s an abundance of healthy food on offer that’s convenient, tasty and still jam-packed with nutritious benefits. Most areas in Ireland have a local Centra shop too so it’s handy for us all.

As well as introducing healthier foods, the Centra Live Well initiative also encourages people to get active. This summer they are encouraging thousands of kids to be active at their GAA camps running across the country where they also get to meet their GAA heroes.

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Check out for more information including advice, exercise tips and lots of delicious recipes!

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To celebrate one year of the ‘Live Well’ initiative, Centra has kindly given me a €200 voucher to give away to one of my readers! All you have to do is leave a comment below, and we’ll choose a winner tonight! The winner will be announced on my Facebook page 🙂

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