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Centra Live Well

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Hi ladies,

Hope you’re all having a good day. As some of you may have seen, I was on TV3’s Ireland AM last Thursday to help launch Centra’s Live Well campaign. So I thought today I’d chat to you about it.

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As part of the Live Well campaign, Centra aims to promote healthy living for the whole family, offering shoppers nutritious choices across a range of over 300 products.

I’ve been really busy over the last year and have been travelling a lot. Eating healthy on the go with a toddler can be difficult, as I’m sure most mums out there can agree with me!

Brian and I don’t tend to do weekly shops as last minute things come up and every day is different from the next, so we tend to just do a basket shop. We’re not a typical 9 – 5 family, so that’s why Centra is so convenient for us. The majority of areas in the country have a local Centra too, which is handy for everyone.

I obviously want to make healthy choices as much as possible and I’m glad to see that Centra has introduced 300 healthy products that work for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes a lot of us feel the more healthy dishes and ingredients are a lot harder to come across in local shops but this initiative makes it so much easier to make healthy choices. Sarah Keogh, who is a consultant dietician with and a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute helped develop the new range, so there’s a huge amount to choose from with brilliant nutritional benefits.


I particularly like the new scrambled egg pots as they are high in protein and both myself and Ollie can have this on the go. There’s also a new delicious chicken wholegrain salad for lunch made fresh in store – this is seriously tasty by the way ;).


While I don’t want to deny Ollie a sweet treat, it’s important he has a balanced diet. For a quick snack, instead of sweets, I give Ollie a Centra fruit pot or blueberries and he loves them. Brian’s a big fan of Centra’s new stir-fry range too!


The Centra Live Well initiative will also be encouraging people to add activity to their daily routine through walking initiatives and involvement in Centra’s GAA community events. At a national level Centra will be encouraging people to walk as part of their ongoing support for Action Breast Cancer. Other Live Well initiatives will be announced in the coming months.

You can find recipe ideas, tips and nutritional advice at

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