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California dreaming.. Holiday Part 2!

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We’ve been in bed by 8pm most nights and I’ve been loving it. It’s been the most relaxing, enjoyable and laid back holiday I’ve ever had. Especially our week in Laguna, we’ve mainly just been on the beach or by the pool. I haven’t worn heels at all this week and I don’t think I’ve done my make up either.


It’s been great to actually have a proper holiday and not feel obliged to get dressed up for any reason.


I’ve really enjoyed spending so much time with Ollie, away from any home distractions. He’s really grown up in even 2 weeks. His vocabulary has come on so much and his personality is shining through more everyday. We were with some friends in LA so I think being around so many adults and being the only child that he really learned a lot.

It’s only when you’re away that you realise how much you needed a holiday. The last few months have been very full on, I was more than ready for this break. I’m so thankful that we were able to go on such an amazing holiday and experience everything we have.

Disney was probably my highlight. It’s just a magical place. To be honest Ollie is still too young to appreciate it properly, he was excited to see his pal “The Mouse” but to get the full use out of all the rides available bringing a child over 5 years would be ideal.


I knew nothing about Laguna other than admiring it on American reality TV. I’m so glad we decided on here though, LA is amazing but it’s a busy spot and not your typical holiday destination. I really enjoyed it though, we got to see Kodaline play at the Wiltern Theatre which was only a few minutes from the house we were staying.


Another night we went to a really cool hotel for cocktails and tapas. It was called SLS

Other than that we had early dinners out with Ollie or we ate at home.

We had a fabulous pool at the house so we chilled out there a few days. Ollie is really obsessed with the water. He loved getting in at any opportunity.

I went shopping to 2 places in LA. One was The Grove, which is really well known spot, it’s lovely because it’s all outdoors. They have an old fashioned train going through it which you can go on.

I didn’t actually buy much there other than a gift for my sister and a Topshop denim shirt.

I also went to The Beverly Centre- this is just a normal shopping centre but it has a good selection of shops. I wanted to go to one of my favourites, Halston Heritage. I was lucky here again as I was in NYC- I got a beautiful cream skirt for 60% off.

The only other purchase I made in the Beverly Centre was a cute nighty from Victoria Secrets.



There’s lots to see in Los Angeles- seeing the Hollywood sign for the first time in person is pretty cool. You can see my earlier post I did on LA here.


Malibu is a stunning spot too, this is where most of the American celebs have homes, and I can see why. It’s so idyllic and chilled out. We went to a beautiful spot called Paradise Cove, this was like having your own private beach. There was the most gorgeous restaurant here located right on the small  beach, I had the nicest berry mojito! Another great spot for cocktails and a beautiful view is Moonshadows in Malibu.





We also visited Calabasas. This is the prettiest city (although it feels like a village) I’ve ever seen. It sort of looks like a movie set, with really old fashioned western looking buildings.



We had a lovely lunch here in a place called the Pedaler’s Fork. Unfortunately there wasn’t a Kardashian or Jenner to be seen but a shop owner told me they’re around all the time, as is Jennifer Lopez. I asked him if people bother them, he said no, that the locals are used to seeing them – his shop is right beside a Starbucks, he said they all go in and out all the time, on their own, make up free and that nobody fusses. I thought that was nice to hear.

After a week in LA the 3 of us drove to Laguna, which was only about an hours drive.



We arrived on Sunday, which was Mothers Day in America so Laguna was packed, driving through it I couldn’t believe it, there was families everywhere. The place was buzzing. It’s bigger than I imagined, it’s like a huge town but with a beach resort feel. It’s full of fabulous restaurants, cafes and boutiques.

We stayed at the Montage Hotel. It’s really out of this world. Apart from the hotel being very special with its service and food the views looking out onto the beach are breathtaking- my photos don’t do it justice.



Ollie has felt right at home here, it’s very much catered towards families also. Everyone has been very generous to him and made time for him. Little things like giving him a choice of a cuddly toy when we checked in and leaving him his own toiletries to use. We were made feel very welcome.




Every morning we’ve had breakfast out on a beautiful balcony overlooking the sea. I’ve been trying most things on the menu! The pancakes filled with fruit with maple syrup on top being my favourite!




Our days here have been spent relaxing, swimming and eating mainly!!


IMG_7385 IMG_7364

It was overcast here one of the days so we set out on a drive and ended up at an area called Carlsbad. We found a shopping outlet full of brands like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade and Calvin Klein. I didn’t find it great for me, but I did think it was great for the boys. They got great things in Ralph Lauren at big discounts.




Converse was brilliant too actually. I got Ollie two pairs for $50. I love how easy they are to get on and off.



Carters was here also, it’s a baby clothes shop full of really nice clothes are fantastic prices. They’re located all around the U.S. If you’ve a young baby to dress you should check out that store.

I liked the Kate Spade store but I resisted buying anything. I did fancy these clutch bags though.


On our way home from Carlsbad, I googled In’n’Out burger. I’d heard so much about it, I was dying to try it out.


I can safely say it didn’t disappoint- the burger and chips was the nicest take away I’d ever had. The chips are hand cut on the premises and the meat is 100% pure beef free from all the usual additives.

For now though I’ll soak up our last 2 days here before getting back to normality.

Hopefully we’ll get to come back again one day.

Have a great weekend everyone

Much love


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