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Bye Bye Detox!

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Today was my 3rd and final detox day.
I have to say I’m glad!! ha! Now I did really enjoy it and I enjoyed the challenge but I don’t know if I could do another day. It’s a little boring having juices only!
I’d love to incorporate them into my everyday diet though. I really liked them all bar one! I loved that I was getting so much goodness in one drink.

I was busy today which took my mind off sitting down for a meal but I did get headaches from time to time.
I just made sure to have lots of water.

Would I recommend doing it? Absolutely! I feel energised , and fresh- no sluggish feeling that you often get at the end of a day. I just feel healthy i suppose! also my stomach feels flatter, I didn’t want to loose weight but obviously you will while doing this. If you did want to loose weight permanently you’d obviously have to exercise and after you finish the detox you would have to continue eating healthy foods or else the weight will come straight back on.
There’s no sense in doing the detox to loose weight then having chipper chips on day 4.. Although I’m already planning a Nando’s feast tomorrow night with Brian! 😉

My main reason for doing this was to clean my body out and feel good.
I feel I’ve definitely done that so I’m delighted ! And I’m sure my body is very thankful too!

If you’d like details on the detox I did contact Bubblicity on

Pippa x

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