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Buddy Up for Centra’s 21 Day Livewell Challenge

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Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine? 🙂

You may have seen on my Facebook page last week that I am joining in on Centra’s ‘Livewell’ challenge this month. After a few weeks away, I’m so ready to jump back on the healthy living wagon. There’s only so much indulging you can do before you start to feel run down and sluggish, wouldn’t you agree?

This month it’s all about buddying up with your pals and getting active using the Centra meal and activity planner. The full 21-day programme, developed by Centra and Pat Divilly, include exercises, healthy meal plans and recipes that are all available on There you’ll see fun workouts that can be done anywhere to do with your friends and family three days a week to help you Livewell.


The idea is that you and your buddy complete the specified workouts 3 days a week for 21 days. Working out can be so much easier when you have a pal joining you – essentially boosting your motivation levels and making it way more fun.

The challenges not only focus on exercise, they also promote healthy eating through affordable and nutritious food. Centra are helping make healthy eating easier with healthy offers and simple recipes online. Did you know Centra sales of water have grown by over five times that of fizzy drinks in the last year alone? It really shows how Irish people are becoming more and more health conscious, which is amazing!


A new challenge launches each month focusing on well-being, affordable healthy food, meal plans and recipes. Since February over 12,000 people have signed up to Centra’s challenges. Are you going to join them too?

For more details visit

Please note, this a sponsored post. #ad
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