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Brushes you need to know about for the Pippa Palette

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Hi Everyone,

Today I’m finally sharing my brush favourites that I use everyday when applying shades from my palette.

Now that you have the palette – hopefully! I want everyone to get the best use out of it. No make up is going to go on beautifully without good brushes.


(For those that don’t have the palette yet it will be back in stock very soon. So keep an eye out and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s back. We never anticipated the demand around it. It literally flew out – they were gone in days!)

Back to the brushes, here’s what I use everyday…



*E40 & E41 is a duo brush, which I absolutely love. It’s great to have 2 in 1.

The E40 I use to place the shadow and the E41 I use to blend out.


You could easily make do with just this if you only wanted to buy 1 eye brush.

* E25 is another blending brush. I just like to have a couple for different shadows. This one is particularly nice and fluffy meaning your shadow will look really well blended and flawless.


* E23 is what I use to either apply and blend shadow under the eye, under the lower lash or it could be used on the upper lash line to blend out your dark shade or a pencil eye liner.



*F04 this is ultimate contour brush. You absolutely need this if you don’t have it already.


It’s a Multi-purpose brush (cheek blush/contour application) It’s fluffy angled tip means you can blend your product really easily. This is what I use everyday with ‘Amour’ the contour shade in the Pippa palette.

*F14 this is ideal blusher brush and the only one I use to apply ‘Pipsy’


*F15 my favourite brush to accompany ‘Lulu’ it’s pointy fluffy head is soft and so perfect for applying highlighter.


*F28 is another brush I really like for ‘Lulu’

Its big fluffy head is great for applying your highlighter onto your brow bone.


All of the above brushes are available from

You can also get 10% off your order with code ‘pippa’

I hope this list has helped 😉

Much love


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