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Brows are the be all and end all !!

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Ladies! Let’s talk brows and their importance.

Take it from me, they can change the look of your entire face!

Just look at how mine used to be. I know this picture of me years ago is so embarrassing but hey! It’s online anyway so I may as well show it here too and we can all laugh together!! (Cringe!)


I, like most others totally over plucked my brows. Mine were way too arched too, which I didn’t need to emphasise, as they’re naturally quite high and arched anyhow. Over arching them made it look like I was constantly surprised!!

So how did I get them thick and into a shape that suits my face?

Firstly I went to a HD pro brow artist.

The HD brow experience features tinting, waxing and threading to give you perfectly defined brows. Your eyebrows will be perfectly shaped, arched and coloured to suit your face shape and colouring.

For over a year now I’ve gone to Kim O’Sullivan who is based in the Dublin Make up Academy (see here)

Kim is a brow genius. I’ve seen her work wonders on people (me included)

By the way, I only have to visit Kim every few months. Now that they’re in a shape I’m happy with I just maintain them myself in between.

If you really have nothing to work with Kim now specialises in a treatment called ‘Eye Embroidery’. This involves semi permanent tattooing, but fear not! The results are extremely natural and realistic looking. You can see Kim’s Facebook page here with some pictures.


So! Once you’ve gotten your brows in shape here are some of my favourite products that I use all the time.


I love Anastasia DipBrow- I got mine in Sephora in America but you can get it online here also.

The Laura Mercier Brow Gel is lovely too (see here).


My must have brow brush to apply any brow gel is the Blank Canvas E44(see here)


The Balm Brow Pow is a lovely brow shadow if you’re more comfortable with a shadow rather than a gel.




Urban Decay have just launched a new product called ‘Brow Beater’ (See here).



On one end you have a soft pencil that very easily glides onto the skin allowing you to achieve a really defined line. On the other end you have a really handy brush. I always brush out my brows to soften them after I’ve used any product.

Brow setters.

If you want to keep your brows in place while adding a tint of colour you’ll love these.


Urban Decay Brow Tamer or Benefit’s Gimme Brow are my top 2! These are like mascara for the brows. I really like them on their own too if you just want to quickly groom them and run! Which is me most days!! 😉

So hands up who’s going to put down the tweezers and show their brows some love ?!

Much love


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