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Breast feeding

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Are u still breast feeding ollie? any tips? due baby no2 in dec breastfed baby no1 for 3days got so sore and gave up but would like to try longer this time!!
Ciara x

Hi Ciara,

I fed Ollie for 12 weeks. (He’s 17 weeks now)
To be honest I’d liked to have done it for a little longer but I was sick, put on antibiotics, and just felt so rotten, I’d no energy. To add to that I’d the worst case of hay-fever , I had to take tablets for that too so long story short that all ended my time breast feeding. I was delighted I did it for that long though, I think anything is better than nothing , even if only for a few days.

Well done for wanting to try again, I experienced terrible pain on day 3 and thought this is going to be impossible but luckily the help I received in Mount Carmel was excellent. I felt encouraged and reassured. It will really help you to get some support from whoever you can. Seeing how much Ollie loved it helped me through the hard days, but it can be very difficult.

Ollie was and still is the hungriest little boy, some days he wanted to feed every hour. I was absolutely exhausted from it. I even rang the hospital when he was 3 weeks old and told them there’s something seriously wrong with him, he just won’t stop!! Of course there was nothing wrong with him, he just wanted and needed more. It literally is feed on demand, you have to go with the flow, not stress out and listen to your baby.

It does get much easier the older they get. I gradually introduced bottles which really helped with getting a regular 3 hour feeding routine.

You could also think about combination feeding – I suppose this depends on how fussy or not your baby is. Ollie didn’t seem to mind breast or bottle , so you could judge that as you go.
To help with the pain I really recommend Lansinoh nipple cream. I tried the shields but they didn’t work for me.

I think the main thing is to be relaxed and as confident as you can. If it works out for you and baby fantastic , but if it doesn’t don’t beat yourself up about it. Every woman and baby is different. I think the pressure as a Mum can be huge, it’s an unbelievably emotional time as you know. You do what works for you.

Love Pippa x

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