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Hi everyone,

You may have seen me mention last week on my Facebook & Twitter that Boots Ireland had launched a new online resource and hub of information called Boots Parenting Club, available to expectant mums and parents of children aged up to 3 years across the country.

As I’ve learned more and more about it this week after signing up, I couldn’t help but wish I had this service when Ollie was born. One of the main features of the service is you get tailored emails from birth to 2 years of age sent to you every fortnight about the progress of your baby. When you register your baby and their age on, Boots then send you emails relating to the stage your baby is at e.g. teething/weaning etc. I think this is such a beneficial service to new parents – everyone appreciates professional tips and expert advice, I know I definitely do!

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Another feature of the Parenting Club, which I think is important, is it offers great value to members. When you sign up to the service, you receive 10 Boots Advantage Card points for every €1 you spend on baby products. I know only too well how expensive having a child can be, so these extra 10 points per euro are sure to help along the way and make a difference. As well as the extra points, tailored advice and news, you can also receive gifts and personalised offers through the Boots app.

Signing up is very easy. You can fill in a form in any Boots store or join online through

Also to celebrate the launch of the Boots Parenting Club, Boots are gifting any baby born on the 8th July a present when you register before 31st July 2015.

Next week I’ll be sharing a haul with you on what I got for Ollie and what savings I made using the Boots Parenting Club so stay tuned!

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Terms and Conditions

  • Boots Ireland will gift each baby born on the 8th July 2015 with a€20 voucher to spend on Boots baby products.Vouchers are limited  to the first 300 applicants. All you have to do is send your full name & contact details as well the name of the baby born 8th July 2015 to by Wednesday 31st July
  • **Customers receive 10 Advantage Card points for every €1 they spend on baby products (excl. certain infant milks & medicines)
  • The club is available to expectant mums and parents of children aged up to 3 years
  • The emails cease when your child is 2 years old but the 10 points per €1 continues until they hit 3 years
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