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The Best Concealer Ever!

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For about a month now I’ve been keeping a little beauty secret to myself! Shame on me, I know!

I’ve been using a new concealer called Amazing Cosmetics concealer. (Shade, fair golden)

amazing cosmetics concealer

When I got this sent to me I was thinking it’ll be like the half a dozen other concealers I have.

This though, isn’t like any other, it’s magic!

A tiny dab of this product goes a long way. It literally conceals anything and everything… dark circles, blemishes, broken capillaries, sun damage.

It provides heavy full coverage but feels weightless on the skin. It lasts all day too with no need to top up.

before and after

In the before pic you can see I have tired dark circles around my eyes and some blemishes on my face. In the after pic I’ve used only a pea sized amount of tinted moisturiser (you can see my review on the Balm moisturiser here) along with a tiny bead of concealer to any areas that needed it. It took literally 60 seconds in total, and just like that you’re ready to leave the house if you don’t have time/want to do more.

It comes in a 15ml tube and costs €36.95 – which is pricey BUT it definitely lives up to its name, this is without a doubt amazing concealer.

after pic

– Amazing Cosmetics Concealer is available from Cloud 10 Beauty here.

– theBalm tinted moisturiser is also available on Cloud 10 Beauty here.

You can use my code ‘PIPPA’ on any orders to get 10% off.

I hope you have a happy and safe weekend,

Much love


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