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Benefit! They’re Real Push-Up Liner!

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When it comes to eye liners if it’s not easy to apply I’m not interested. I love the look of a beautiful gel liner but to be honest I’m not great at doing it so I usually don’t bother.

I’d use a pencil or kohl liner usually.

I do have lots of little pots of black gel liner from various different brands but they’re usually left sitting there. Then if I do decide to use it one night they’re usually dried up! So they go back into the drawer or into the bin.

So ! With that being said, when I heard Benefit announce their latest gel liner pen was being released this summer I was excited to see if it would be anything different.

I’ve used it for only 2 days now and already I’m wondering what I did before it.

Why is They’re Real Push Up Liner different ?

Well for starters is a gel liner in a pen.

The waterproof matte black gel formula doesn’t smudge and more importantly it doesn’t dry out!

The only bad thing about it being so well lasting and waterproof is it’s harder to remove .. But! Benefit have considered that too and brought out a specific remover that will easily remove your waterproof eye make up.

The tip is like rubber, it just hugs your lashline making it soo easy to draw the perfect line! Honestly! Would I lie?!

My friend Mark works for Benefit and I said to him “is it really THAT good” his reply was “it’ll literally change your life” … I laughed at the enthusiasm! …. But he was right! This is incredible. I don’t know what took them so long to produce it!!
But anyway it’s here now ready to change all your lives!!!! šŸ˜‰

Its available from July!

Much love
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Ps- I recommend using They’re Real mascara too. I’ve mentioned it loads of times before. I hadn’t gotten a new one in a while and had been using others , then started a new they’re real mascara this week and remembered why I loved it in the first place !! šŸ˜‰ I’ve no eyelash extensions now after 2 months of having them, I pulled the last few off (stupidly), so lashes aren’t in the greatest condition but this mascara definitely does wonders.

They’re real mascara RRP ā‚¬26.00

They’re real push up liner RRP ā‚¬25.00

They’re real remover RRP ā‚¬19.50

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