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Baguette Bags: The Carrie Bradshaw-Approved Bag Trend We’re Loving

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The baguette bag: the ‘IT bag’ of the early noughties and beloved by one of our favourite TV show characters, Carrie Bradshaw. How could we forget the scene in Sex And The City when Carrie gets mugged and the robber demands she hand over her fabulous purple sequin Fendi bag and she just blurts out the iconic line, “It’s not a bag, it’s a Baguette!”. Iconic.

pic via Vogue // SATC

This bag has been resurrected recently with fashionistas snapped wearing them and Fendi even rereleasing them with an advert starring the one and only SJP.

Much to our delight, a lot of our favourite high street stores have brought out some really great affordable versions. There’s also lots of vintage Fendi Baguettes available online at the moment too, which we just love!

pic via Pinterest

Check out some of our top finds. We’ve included everything from affordable to more lucky Baguettes below. What’s your thoughts on this bag trend?

Featured image via Luxity

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