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Baby Product Favourites!

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Ollie is 10 months old this month (which i find hard to believe sometimes!)
So I’ve had months of trying out lots of baby products. To me it was an absolute minefield when choosing anything for him. It was all new to me so I just tried and tested a few until I found what worked well on his skin.

These are a few of my favourites and ones that I use all the time.


-Kiehls baby wash & shampoo. I love all the Kiehls products and often bought them for myself. Now I love their baby products too! This is a moose so it’s so easy and convenient to use. This foaming wash for babies combines mild ingredients for a gentle cleansing of hair, scalp and all over body. Its tear-free formula is infused with vanilla, apples, pears and sweet berries for a pleasant scent, leaving babys and Mummy skin smelling fresh, and your skin silky soft.


-Burt’s Bee ‘Baby Bee’ diaper ointment. For me this is the best nappy rash cream, its 100% natural which I love. It has a thick texture and smells of mint making it very soothing on the skin. It takes away any redness with usually only one application. A must buy in my opinion!


-La Rosh Posay ‘Cicaplast’… When I asked a few Mum friends opinions on what to use for Ollie’s rash under his chin from all the drooling most recommended this lip barrier cream!
I tried it straight away and it worked a treat. His rash was quite bad but this clear gel acted as a super barrier and kept all those baby drools from sinking into his skin.
It’s pocket size so handy to carry in your changing bag all the time and I use it on myself too.. For my lips that is! In fact it can be used for everything really ..nappy rash, eczema, dry patches, chapped lips, sunburn, you name it, Cicaplast treats it.


-Caldesene talc. Also super for nappy rash but one of my favourites to use in general. Its a medicated powder which attacks harmful bacteria. It’s a little more expensive than regular talc powders but it’s worth the money I reckon.


– Mothercare baby liquid talc. This was my must have product for when Ollie was a newborn especially, although I still use it now. It’s a liquid that you rub into the skin and it turns to talc. I found it great after the bath, it can be difficult to get into all the little folds of gorgeous baby fat to dry baby’s skin properly so this is excellent for applying to any wet areas on the skin making baby’s skin dry and silky soft in seconds.
It leaves a slight gorgeous silky soft baby smell- you know the one! 😉


-Bebanthen Baby Moisturiser for extra sensitive skin. This is a super moisturiser , suitable from birth. Ollie’s skin can be quite sensitive , he was prone to getting rashes when he was younger and this worked really well for him. It’s free from preservatives and fragrances making it suitable for the most delicate of skin.

I hope my few favourite products will come in handy when helping you to choose for your baby.

Let me know if you like any of the same and as always please share any products you love that I mightn’t know about!

Love Pippa x

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