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A Week of Work & Play!

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Hi Everyone,

Happy Sunday! I love Sundays, especially when Brian & I are both off.

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This morning I made smoothies. Ollie loves them except he got such a fright this morning when the blender went on. He put his hands over his ears and cried!

Last weekend I spent a couple of hours each day at the pregnancy and baby fair. It was lovely meeting lots of expectant Mums.

This week has been so busy. On Monday morning I’d a couple of radio interviews to do for an initiative I’m involved in with Bord Gais. It’s all about encouraging our little ones to get reading. Bord Gais are giving away a free book to kids aged 0-5yrs. I really liked this idea so was happy to be ambassador to help spread the word.

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Tuesday morning I was a guest on Ireland AM to talk about the same initiative.

I then headed to Clerys to pull all the looks for shows I hosted yesterday.

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I was delighted to get to style the shows as well as host them. I really love styling and get such a buzz from it. To be honest it doesn’t feel like work at all because I enjoy it so much.

On Wednesday morning I went to the Warehouse AW preview. That got me so excited for winter. Their collection is WOW! I’m lusting after so many pieces they have coming. I’ve my eye on this purple/lilac coloured dress. It’s very simple but I think it’ll be beautiful on and perfect for any nice event. The back is beautiful too.

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I also got a black coat in Warehouse for winter. It’s really heavy and warm with leatherette sleeves. I’ll show you once I wear it 😉

Also during the week I recorded a Penneys haul for my YouTube channel. I think everyone loved the black and white wool coat.

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By the time Friday came I was ready for a day off. Brian, Ollie and I went for lunch and a walk. Then we went to Hamleys to get Ollie some farm animals, he’s obsessed with animals at the moment, he keeps repeating the sounds they make. When you ask him “what does the sheep say” he says “hahahahaha” instead of Baaa which is pretty funny!

Ollie’s still in crèche two days a week, which he adores. He happily goes in and waves goodbye. I’m really happy that he goes to crèche now- if you read my post a few months ago about making a decision about sending him you’ll know how unsure I was. It’s been fantastic for him. He does activities all day long and loves being around the other toddlers too.

Every other day Brian and I work it out between us. It’s pretty hectic as always because I’m busy every day with so many work things on but it just works and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve had lots of people ask me am I giving up modelling!! The answer is NO! I did an interview about 2 weeks ago and something I said got slightly twisted. I was quoted as saying I was giving it all up! It’s a little annoying when papers get things so wrong and you’re quoted as saying something you didn’t. I’m used to it now though and don’t mind to be honest. It’s all part of it! The truth is I’m busier than ever- with no intention on slowing up. I suppose I’m busier doing more things for myself and things relating to also.

I’ve 2 really cool projects that I’m working hard on, one before Christmas and one in the New Year so I’m really looking forward to the next few months.

Yesterday I was back into Clerys to host 3 shows as part of the Dublin Fashion Festival. They were done in their windows which I thought was a cool idea and something a little different too.

photo 4-2 photo 3-3 While I was there I couldn’t help but notice one of the girls shoes. I immediately admired them and expected her to say they were Jimmy Choos. (They’re seriously similar) The eyes popped out of my head when she said they’re from Penneys!! I hadn’t seen them during the week- how could I have missed them!?

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Needless to say I ran straight across the road to the Penneys on O’Connell street and got a pair. They were only €12 too which I found hard to believe.

I’m a size 6 and I could only see couple of 6’s left. There were a handful of other sizes. They’re limited edition so I’m not sure if they’ll come in again- I’m guessing not.

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Lots of people on my Instagram and Facebook loved them too. Some were asking were they comfortable.. I haven’t worn them yet apart from trying them on a few times since to admire them! 😉 they certainly felt comfortable. The material isn’t too stiff so I’m hopeful they’ll be comfy. I’ve lots of Penneys heels that are so comfortable – to be honest I’ve a couple pairs of very expensive shoes that cripple me so I think it just depends. I’m not a shoe snob, if I love the look of something I’ll buy it.

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I bought a goldy colour too in the same style which I really love also. These ones could literally pass for any designer brand. I know I’ll get good wear from these too. Again they were €12! Amazing !!

It’s now Sunday evening, Ollie’s just gone to bed. We had a fun filled day today. We went for Sunday lunch followed by a last minute trip to the beach.

Ollie absolutely loved it. He wore his new wellies for the first time, he was so cute in them. He thought it was amazing being able to splash in the water. It was all fun and games until he got drenched from head to toe, the one time I’d no change of clothes for him with me.

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Then of course I couldn’t get him to leave the beach, I’d to chase him to get him into the car. (He’s fast!!)

We’d a nudy tired boy coming home.

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It was the perfect day to end our week 😉

I hope you’d a nice weekend too? Thanks for reading my posts as always.. If you’ve anything in particular you like seeing please let me know? Or maybe you’ve an idea that I haven’t blogged about yet?

Much love,

Pippa x

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