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A week of celebrations and baby’s firsts!

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I had a busy week this week. Last Sunday I joined my friends for a 3 day break in Barcelona. I was so happy I got to go, when one of the girls suggested it I didn’t think I’d able to with Ollie, but luckily Brian was off work for those few days and encouraged me to go.

I went with 3 of my school friends, 2 of them live in London so it’s always so great to catch up as I don’t get to see them as often anymore.

It was my first time to Barcelona, I really enjoyed it, it has the best of both worlds, city and beach life.

We went to the beach everyday and had long lunches with plenty of sangria!

Funnily enough we didn’t really have late nights, we must be getting old! We had some lovely dinners, on our last night we went to a restaurant called Alba and it was definitely my favourite.


We went shopping twice – obviously! I came across a new label to me called bdba. I adored everything in the range. I wanted to buy every dress in the shop but my budget wouldn’t allow it!!

So I got 2 amazing dresses, they were on sale but still quite expensive but I couldn’t resist. It was a birthday present to myself!

I’ll wear one to a friends wedding this month.

We came home on Wednesday , on my birthday! It was so lovely to get a break but I really missed my little family so much. Thankfully Brian and Ollie were fine in my absence- in fact Brian said he thought it was “easy” on his own!! Hmmm I’m not sure about that!!

I was greeted home to a lovely birthday cake and pressies.


It was so cute getting my first Mummy card…

In the short time I was away I noticed such a difference in Ollie. He’s making new sounds and facial expressions and getting bigger by the day.

Yesterday we started him on baby rice (he’s 17 weeks) I actually think he’d of liked it sooner but I didn’t want to start earlier than 4 months old as I’ve heard it’s not good for their digestive system.

At first he wasn’t sure what to make of the spoon in his mouth, his expressions were hilarious. Today he was better and started to get the hang of the spoon and the swallowing.


I can’t wait to start making his food now over the weekend. I’m following Annabel Karmel’s baby and toddler meal planner. Her book is fantastic with lots of lovely recipes. Ollie is such a hungry baby so I hope he’ll like all the food I make him.

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Ollie, he rolled over for the first time too. He went from his back to belly and then belly to back.

I missed it as I was working. I know it’s a small development but I think as a first time Mum especially you don’t want miss anything. I felt really bad and guilty then , I suppose that comes with being a working Mum.

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