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7 Month Pregnancy Update!

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Hi Everyone,

I say it at the start of every pregnancy related post, but honestly! I can’t believe this is my 7 month update! It’s actually scary. Where have those months gone?

Since my 6 month update (see that here), I’m starting to feel it now and by that I mean I’m feeling much bigger with a proper bump now! I’m starting to get a little uncomfortable some days – just with back pain and aches. Nothing major though or anything I can’t handle 😉 Apart from that, I’m all good.


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I’m so relieved this week too. I went for my glucose test last week to check for gestational diabetes again. I’m so happy to say I’ve escaped it this time, which I’m so surprised by. I was told by a few people that if I had it the first time, I’d more than likely have it again so I was dreading that to be honest.

For anyone that doesn’t know what it is, Gestational Diabetes is a type of diabetes that some women get during pregnancy. Between 2 and 10 percent of expectant mothers develop the condition, making it one of the most common health problems of pregnancy.

Diabetes is complicated, but in a nutshell it means you have abnormally high levels of sugar in your blood. It can mean you may need to have your labour induced early or have a C-section (I had a section with Ollie), as your baby can be large. Your baby can have low blood glucose levels (neonatal hypoglycemia) at birth.

Thankfully I was able to control mine with a strict diet, which I hated! It was the hardest thing I ever did. I never realised that sugar was in absolutely everything until then!!

I had Ollie at 39 weeks and thankfully it all went smoothly and he was perfect at birth with no complications.

It’s definitely a worry though – no mother wants to have any complications to deal with on top of the normal worries you have when you’re pregnant.

I sympathise with any Mums who have Gestational Diabetes. It’s just an added nuisance you could do without I know, but try not to worry, you and baby will be fine. You’ll forget about it once you’re holding him/her! 🙂

We went shopping today for the baby. Ollie kept asking about the baby and said he wanted to buy a baby elephant for him/her- so I thought he’d enjoy it and figured it was a nice way to get him involved.

We had a look in Bella Baby (Dundrum branch). The girls were very helpful and so informative – it actually got me so excited again! Things have been so busy recently with my book and the Fashion Factories… I nearly forget I’m having another baby some days.

They gave me this checklist, which I thought was brilliant – it’s amazing how quickly you forget things so I’ll definitely be using this as a guide.


I picked up a few bits like the Stokke sibling board and the Belly Bandit. I have my eye on the Stokke home set (the cot that turns into the bed, it has a gorgeous canopy too. Plus it comes with a cradle, changer & dresser). I just want to see what we actually need first and decide what Ollie will be keeping in his room.


I hope all you fellow Mamas-to-be are feeling good too and enjoying your precious bumps 😉

Chat to you soon

Much love


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