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6 month pregnancy update!

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Hi Everyone,

I literally cannot believe I’m 24 weeks.

So far this has been the fastest experience ever. Although I shouldn’t speak too soon, I remember the last month of my previous pregnancy feeling like an entire year!

I nearly feel a little guilty that I’ve done nothing in preparation for baby number 2 yet. Which sounds silly I know, but In comparison to last time when I had Pinterest boards for boy/girl/and neutral nursery ideas. Baby grows were bought at this stage and buggies/ furniture and blankets were either gotten or earmarked. I probably had the bones of a hospital bag list written out too.


Mind you I did start with a little “nesting”… The bedroom that will be turned into a nursery is a total mess – you know the room that you dump everything into? We all have one! Well the floor of the room was just covered in my shoes so my very patient husband listened to my request and 2 weeks ago he made me a shoe wall so I could get them up off the ground.


I’m thrilled with the space it’s created, plus I love the look of the shoe shelves now too.

So apart from that, nada has been done! I know there’s plenty of time still and to be honest I don’t need to do half as much this time in preparation as I did the first. I have everything from before.

I’m feeling good in general. As my doctor said to me a few weeks ago “you’re in the cruising stage now”, which is true. You’ve got some energy back, you’re not too big yet and you’re just cruising along. So I suppose this is the most pleasant part.

I’m still sleeping as normal, no discomfort yet thankfully. I just find I can’t stay up late and get up early, or else I feel hungover. If I don’t get 7 hours sleep I’m like a zombie. So I’m trying to go to bed as early as I can. It suits me anyhow as I’m never a night owl usually.

My bottom right hand side of back tends to ache every now and then, but I think this is from lifting Ollie. In fairness I don’t lift him unless I have to and he doesn’t ask me to carry him but obviously I’ve to lift him in and out of the bath and jeep – he’s a ton weight! He’s quite tall for his age and very stocky, he’s built like a house. So I’m looking forward to going for some pregnancy massages when work dies down in March. If you’re pregnant and you’ve never had a massage oh my god do it, even a leg and foot massage is total heaven and so relaxing. It’s recommended to wait until you’re at least 12 weeks pregnant to have them.


Ollie really seems to know now that there’s a baby coming. He often comments on my “big belly” and asks to see the baby. I can’t wait to him as a big brother. I hope he’ll adapt to it all okay. We’re trying to prepare him and include him as best we can. I reckon he’ll be ok and think it’s great.

Clothes wise I’m sort of wearing half and half, some maternity and some normal.

You just can’t beat the maternity jeans though, they’re soo comfortable.

I’ll list some of my latest fave maternity items below – as well as non-maternity items that still work well with bumps.

I’ve bought a couple of pairs of comfy trainers recently. I’m addicted to Nikes and Adidas Superstars now! It’s all about the comfort for now these days.

Regarding skincare I’m using lots of the Mama Mio range. It’s really lovely and gentle on the skin. All the products smell divine too. I love lashing everything on after a shower, putting on my pjs and going to bed.

Burts Bees Mama Bee range is really nice too, I love their tummy oil and their body butter- it’s so soothing.

I’ve stopped using some skincare products with glycolic in them (that I like in general) but I don’t think they’re recommended in pregnancy. So anything I usually use that I know is strong I’ve just put aside. I’m not overly fussy though or looking at every ingredient in my shampoos or tans.

IMG_4708The little kicks that I was feeling at night time have turned into firmer and constant day time kicking now too- which is always reassuring. Although I’ve been through this before it’s still so weird and unbelievably amazing to suddenly feel a kick when you’re in the middle of doing something. It’s nice knowing you’re never alone!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Much love

P & bump xx

(Let me know if you’ve any pregnancy-related questions, feel free to ask privately or join the chat on Facebook)

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