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5 Ways To Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun

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Sun, sea and sand are some of our absolute favourite things about summer. Who’s with us? It’s the perfect time to let your hair down, have fun and relax.

Just as skin protection is essential all year round and especially in summer, hair protection is just as important.

We’re sharing 5 key tips to avoid your parched and damaged locks this season below. Would you add anything to the list? Do share!

#1. Wear a hat

Protecting your hair has never been more stylish, ladies. From trilbies to fedoras, you can make a fashion statement while still shielding your hair and scalp from UV rays.

#2. Avoid straighteners/curling tongs as much as you can

Ok, we know this can sometimes be easier said than done but leaving your hair natural, especially in the summer when it’s hot, can do it the world of good. There are lots of brilliant products we love to help achieve that beachy look and tame it also. If you need to use your hairdryer, try go for the low-heat/cool option. Every little helps, eh? 🙂

#3. Use a sun protection spray

That’s right. The sun not only does harmful damage to your skin, it can really damage your hair too. That’s why using a spray with SPF is super important – and don’t forget to keep topping it up throughout the day just like you would with your sun cream. This will help to minimise dryness and damage. You’re welcome… 😉

#4. Going for a dip in the pool? Wet your hair first

Chlorine can be really damaging and drying to your gruaig. So to avoid that happening, try to remember to wet your hair in the shower or sink beforehand. This just means your locks won’t soak up as much chlorine.

#5. Apply a hair mask once a week

This one of our favourite things to do… Try set aside an hour to yourself one night a week, apply a really nourishing hair mask and have a pamper-me night. Your hair will thank you later for it. Hair masks can sometimes be forgotten about but adding one of these into your hair-care regime will do wonders.

Featured image via POCO By Pippa // Photographer: Laoise Moggan

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