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5 Month Pregnancy Update

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Hi Everyone,

It feels like a while since my last update. Christmas I suppose delayed everything.

So I’m now 21 weeks, I can’t believe I’m half way there. Having a child already and probably having Christmas in the middle of it also, it’s been a big distraction.


Today we had our big scan. Which is your scan that takes place in the middle of your pregnancy (usually at 20 weeks) to check your baby in detail.

Everything went well thankfully. Even when you’ve nothing to worry about specifically I think it’s normal for expectant mothers to be a little anxious.

Ollie came with us today, I’m glad we brought him as I think it’s nice to get him used to the idea. He was all chat about “the babies in mamas belly” although it’s ‘baby’… There’s not 2!!

Bump-wise I definitely feel a bit neater this time. (I do not know how after Christmas! My god I was such a piggy!!) I’m wearing mostly maternity jeans but I can still wear some of my normal ones too – where as the last time i couldn’t at this stage. I suppose every pregnancy is different.

preg update

I’m still feeling well and have no complaints on that end.

A new update is I’ve started to feel movement and lots of little kicks from 18/19 weeks. Especially at nighttime when I lay still I can clearly feel them. It’s so lovely and just so magical.

Sleep is still the same and not uncomfortable yet, mind you I’ll be getting my pregnancy pillow out soon as I found that so comfy to put in between your legs or under your bump.

My only complaint- and it’s not even a complaint as really I’ve been so lucky… But It’s my skin, I’m getting constant break outs around my chin. I’m good at covering them but just as one goes another appears.

No real cravings to report. I have been eating a lot of junk lately. I’ll put that down to Christmas so I’m going to make an effort to be healthier from now on. I’m back using my NutriBullet, which I love (I shared a recipe on Saturday’s post, see here)

I have a crazy work schedule for the next 8 weeks so after that when things die down I’ll start thinking about the nursery. Oh and baby names… We haven’t one boy or girl name that I’m set on at the moment. I better get my thinking cap on. Any tips on baby name inspiration?

Much love

P and bump xx

Pieces I’m loving…

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