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5 Minute Make Up Look

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday on Facebook I told you I tried a new foundation and promised a review.

So as well as reviewing the foundation I thought I’d include the other products I used.

This is my 5 minute make up look – there’s only 6 make up products used. This is so simple, quick and easy. I don’t like heavy make up in general, I think it’s quite ageing – I feel less is more personally. So this is the amount of make up I would wear most days.


Even if I only wear mascara or concealer it makes me feel better- so do whatever makes you feel good I suppose 😉

I’ve purposely chosen affordable brands to show that you can do it on a budget.

– Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude 

rimmel lasting finish

I’ve only been testing this foundation a few days and I’m so impressed. For a foundation to cost under €10 and to be this good it’s pretty unbelievable.

I had previously tried the full coverage version of this (it has a red top) I thought it was okay. I found it to be not as blendable. This is lightweight and very blendable- for me it provided the perfect amount of coverage. I think it’s perfect for everyday wear. It’s silky and very long lasting- I haven’t felt the need to top this up throughout the day even once. (I didn’t use a primer under this yet either)

Some people asked how do they chose the correct colour – it can be tricky to know when you’re standing in the supermarket or chemist what to go for. If you can, ask for assistance. Or bring a friend to help judge. Test a small amount on your jaw line and choose depending on what’s the closest colour to your neck.

 – NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder

nyx stay matte

I popped a small amount of this powder onto my t zone- this powder is fantastic and rivals some well known more expensive brands in my opinion.

NYX is available in dozens of pharmacies nationwide.

– L’Oreal True Match concealer crayon 


I’m loving this concealer lately. It’s so handy to pop into your bag and use throughout the day if needed. I used it here under my eyes (don’t bring foundation right up under your eyes- it’s too heavy, I use a concealer which will highlight that area nicely also as its a lighter shade)

It’s perfect for any blemishes too. It’s creamy and very blendable.

For a heavier concealer see my review here on the Amazing Cosmetics one- it’s unbelievable and will cover anything!!

– NYX bronzer & blusher combo 

nyx bronzer This is a fantastic duo to have in your make up bag. Having the bronzer and blush together is very handy, especially for these quick make up looks. The pinky blush gives you a really fresh youthful appearance.

– Max Factor gloss


Such a great natural gloss to have. I wear it most days.

– Maybelline Brow Satin 

brow satin

I’m choosing this over my more expensive eye brow products lately. On one end you have a waxy like pencil to define and shape the brow, on the other end you have some finely milled powder to fill them in. A super little product.

– L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture Mascara 


This mascara is definitely a must-have product for every girl’s make up bag!



I used only 3 make up brushes for this look to keep it quick and to a minimum.

-Blank Canvas F03 I’ve recently started using this for foundation and I love it (F20 still my fave though!) it’s excellent for applying your foundation quickly and evenly.

-Blank Canvas F24 I use this for applying my powder.

-Blank Canvas F21 I love this angled brush for contouring, it’s perfect. I also used it for applying a quick sweep of the blush.

I hope you’ve found this helpful- love to hear your comments below or on Facebook.

Much love


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